O, the Oprah Magazine Discovers the Fountain of Aging and Youthfulness

o_the_oprah_magazine_subscription_may2011.jpgEvery issue of O, the Oprah Magazine seems like a theme issue, and May is no exception. This time around the emphasis is on aging gracefully and being content at every age.

Here’s how the magazine approaches the aging issues.

Whaddya Think?: You probably already know how you feel about getting older; on the other hand, you might be surprised by what your answers to this month’s quiz reveal about your thoughts.

Steal This Story: Each month Real Simple magazine spotlights a woman who’s aging really well in its “This Is What __ Looks Like” feature. In May, O borrows that idea in a 10-page story packed with mini profiles of women acting their ages. Meet a 17-year-old who became the youngest African-American woman to pilot a round-trip coast-to-coast trip (she wants to be a cardiovascular surgeon when she grows up); a synchronized swim team whose members range from 50 year olds to octogenarians; a major in her early 20s; and a number of women who rediscovered youthful passions and dreams later in life.

Leading Ladies: O’s May fashion spread pairs two actresses: glamorous, groundbreaking 75-year-old Diahann Carroll and 34-year-old Kerry Washington.

Mind and Body: One story debunks common myths about the inevitable physical decline awaiting us all–and offers exercises to check the ravages of time. The next story points out the good points of an older mind, including better problem-solving and people skills.

Mirror, Mirror: Considering altering the reflection you see in the mirror? This story uses befores and retouched afters to illustrate the possible results of a variety of treatments and procedures starting with makeup tricks and firming creams and progressing to lasers and injections and on to surgery. A glossary of terms and procedures is included at the end of the story.

At Any Age: Young women with gray hair or vintage wardrobes, older women wearing short skirts, bare arms and long hair. All throwing conventional wisdom to the wind and doing what looks and feels best for them.