No Respect: Dads Get Rodney Dangerfield Treatment From Most Food and Cooking Magazines

foodnetwork_june.jpgNearly every May issue gave us brunch ideas, table settings, flower arrangements and desserts to make Mother’s Day all about Mom. But with Father’s Day just a few days away, I’m wondering if food and cooking magazine editors have filed away all their Dad-related ideas for next year.

Maybe quiches and flowers aren’t Dad’s thing, but doesn’t he deserve something more than grilling tools for his special day? Most food and cooking magazines apparently don’t think so. A disappointingly few publications gave Dad his due, and some of those required grilling–presumably requiring him to put that tong and spatula to good use, even on Father’s Day. Give the guy a break!

Glancing at several June 2010 covers, I suppose I could see how a menu for dear old Dad could get lost in the mix; “Easy, light summer eating,” “The summer life,” and “Best grilling recipes ever,” they declare. All have a plethora of meals perfect for Father’s Day entertaining even in the absence of acknowledging it.

But, like Mom, shouldn’t Dad get a little culinary pampering? Bon Appétit magazine and Food Network Magazine are among the precious few that think so. In its June issue that begins and ends with grilling–50 burger variations’ worth–Food Network’s special treat for Dad was… (drum roll, please) a cookout.

Its menu of Glazed Double-Cut Pork Chops, Smoky Corn on the Cob and refreshing pale ales was more low-key weekend grilling fare than a special occasion meal, unless of course your guy is a little more laid back or low maintenance.

For the more refined paternal palate, Bon Appétit magazine combined an appetizer, a cocktail, an entrée with two veggies, wine and dessert, but missed the mark–at least just a little. Where Food Network Magazine at least devoted a two-page spread titled “Father’s Day Cookout,” Bon Appétit pieced together a list from its June issue and titled it “Father’s Day” in its Menu Guide.

Its combination of dishes–Grilled Bruschetta with Teleme, Honey and Figs; Harissa-Marinated Top Sirloin Tips; Roasted Fingerling Potato Salad; and Strawberry Shortcakes with Balsamic and Black Pepper Syrup–is most impressive, even if it is buried in the back.

If your Father’s Day plans fall somewhere in between these two options, don’t give up. Like I said, a range of menus to satisfy a variety of tastes can be found in this month’s food and cooking magazines. But a little respect, please: Just don’t give Dad a set of grilling tools, then expect him to prepare his own special meal.

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