December 3, 2010

Nina Garcia Packs the “Perfect Hospital Bag” for Expectant Moms in Pregnancy Magazine

Thumbnail image for pregnancy_november2010.jpgIf you’ve given birth, you’ve been there. What in the world do you pack in “The Bag” for the hospital when you go to deliver your baby? How do you plan for going in pregnant and coming out a new mom? That’s gotta be one heck of a packing job!

That’s exactly what “Project Runway” judge and fashion editor of Marie Claire magazine Nina Garcia offered readers in the November issue of Pregnancy magazine. New mom Garcia is sharing an excerpt from her new book, “Nina Garcia’s Look Book,” and the lucky recipients of her expert advice are expectant mothers.

Here are Nina’s must-haves for looking fabulous throughout the birthing process:

  • Nighties: “Bring a few,” or even have custom delivery gowns made for your hospital stay.
  • Bed jacket: Choose something feminine and pretty to throw over your
    gown when visitors come to see you and the baby. Garcia says a shawl or
    cardigan works well too.
  • Change of clothes to wear home:
    While comfort is key, there are also some pretty iconic photos to be
    taken. Garcia recommends opting for a cute tunic over leggings.
  • Makeup: Be sure to bring along “the basics” like mascara, powder,
    concealer, blush, and lip gloss. Did we mention the pictures?
  • Hair gear: Again, bring the basics. Flat irons and diffusers aren’t
    necessary. Says Garcia, “Just enough to pull those tresses back and
    smooth down the fly-aways.” Don’t wanna go through the effort? You
    could always opt for a cute scarf instead.
  • Fluffy slippers: Who wants her bare feet on the hospital floor?
  • Flip-flops: Just like showering in the college dorms, you’re going to want something on your feet. Germs, anyone?
  • Bathrobe: Go for roomy, soft and fluffy. You’ll be walking up and down
    the hallway and seeing all kinds of visitors. Cover up! And pockets are
    always helpful too.

Those are the fashionable must-haves, but don’t forget the following: toiletries, like a toothbrush, toothpaste, glasses, contacts and solution; your ID, medical information, and birth plan; and underoos (several pairs)–of the maternity variety! While you’ll be
back in the bikini briefs soon enough, go for comfort. The rest of you
can still look chic.

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