New York Magazine Dissects ‘The Remaking of the President’


Regardless of whether or not President Obama is covering up his gray hair, he is covering the latest issue of New York magazine. With a resurgence in his approval rating, the magazine is taking a look at ‘the remaking’ of his presidency.

As tomorrow night’s State of the Union Address approaches, the President is no doubt putting finishing touches on his speech. Still, he’ll most likely have a warmer reception than he might have even a month ago.

The unfortunate events that took place with the Tucson, Arizona
shootings, which left 6 dead and 13 injured, including Rep. Gabrielle
Giffords, resulted in President Obama flying to the city to deliver a
moving memorial address. And while the January 8 shootings were
obviously tragic, they also made way for the President to further win
back support after losing the House earlier this fall.

An ABC News poll
published last week shows 53% of Americans now approve of Obama’s job
as president, and a resounding 78% approve of the way he handled the
Arizona shootings.

Now New York magazine is taking a look at how
Barack Obama is trying to make a play for his own presidency, saying,
“In a few short months, Barack Obama overhauled his White House and
rewrote much of the script. To correct his course, though, the President
had to look hard at himself and confront the possibility that the
source of many of his difficulties was the man in the gilded mirror. Now
all he needs is a happy ending.”

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