Natural Health Magazine Turns 40

natural_health_magazine_subscription_june2011.jpgMany of my blogger friends keep lists related to their ages. Elizabeth has a list of 30 things to do before she turns 30. Jodi does things a bit differently and checks items off of her list of 34 things to do before she hits 35. Both of them blog about how they’re stretching themselves and taking care of the things on their lists.

I’m not one to keep such lists, but I sure enjoy watching friends with theirs. I never considered writing such a list myself until I read “Coming of Age” in the June issue of Natural Health magazine. Natural Health turns 40 this year. So do I.

In honor of their anniversary, “Coming of Age” offers their 40 favorite tips on living a longer and healthier life. I definitely have some favorites:

No. 11 – Learn how to feel full: Taking in fewer calories can help reduce cellular inflammation. Plus, listening to our body’s cues and stopping before we’re stuffed could help us lose those last, pesky 10 pounds.

No. 16 – Read beauty product labels: We read about the things we’re putting into our bodies. Why shouldn’t we take the same care about the things we put on our bodies.

No. 34 – Take more naps: Does that really need an explanation?

I’m a big fan of all 40 of these tips. Maybe I should turn Natural Health’s 40 tips into my own “40 before I turn 40″ list.