Natural Health Magazine Tests Veggie Burger Recipes, Names Top 5

natural_health_magazine_subscription_july-august2011.jpgVeggie burgers have come a long way since I was a kid. No longer a frozen and mushy mess, a good veggie burger can almost trick even the most devoted of carnivores. Almost.

Natural Living magazine knows that skipping the meat every once in a while is not only good for our health but also good for the environment. So they reached out to 100 of their favorite restaurants around the country to find the best of the best veggie burger recipes. They tested each of the recipes to find the five that stood above the rest, and in their July/August issue, they share those recipes with us.

Scanning these top five recipes, I looked for a theme. Yes, they’re all “veggie” burgers, but I was looking for that one ingredient that they had in common–the one that catapulted these five to the top of the list. I couldn’t find it. One burger included quinoa, red peppers, onions and panko breadcrumbs. Another was made with eggplant, cheddar and scallions. Still another got its bulk and flavor from lentils, carrots and nuts.

All five recipes sound totally different from each other but equally satisfying and delicious. If I made the Moosewood Mushroom Pecan Burger for dinner tonight, I wonder if my husband would ask, “Where’s the beef?”

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  • Sanjay Patel

    Love the veggie burgers. To find “local meatless eats” check out

  • Summer Huggins

    Thanks, Sanjay. I have a favorite local veggie burger in Austin, but I love the thought of eating local when we travel too. Thanks for sharing the link!

  • Natural Skin Care

    I love veggie burgers. Great post. I’ll be sure to pick up this magazine for the recipes.

  • Marie Fuzzell

    I made the quinoa, red pepper and panko breadcrumb recipe–I can’t
    remember the name of it at the moment. It was really tasty but did not
    hold together; next time I will use an egg. I really liked this
    article–I’m always on the lookout for homemade veggie burger recipes;
    other than Morningstar black bean burgers, store bought veggie burgers
    are really bland in my opinion.