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Must-Have Celebrity and Entertainment Magazines for Awards Season

Celebrity Entertainment Magazine Subscriptions Discounts Deals Awards Season Movies TV Fashion MusicLove star-gazing this time of year? This awards season keep up with the latest headlines and, of course, the hottest red-carpet looks with these top celebrity and entertainment magazine subscriptions!

The Grammys, the Oscars, all that red-carpet fashion. Awards season is upon us, and what better way to keep track of the nominees, the picks to win, and, of course, the hottest styles than with the must-read celebrity and entertainment magazines.

Whether you’re tuning in to—or tuning out of—every awards show and red-carpet special, you can keep up with the latest Hollywood happenings and save up to 94% on more than 120 magazine subscriptions devoted to the biggest names in movies, music, television, and more.

PeopleSure, you love awards season and all, but your fave celebs didn’t quite make the nominations cut. With America’s most popular magazine, you’ll get the latest on all the big winners, the best dressed—plus the reality stars and real-life inspirational heroes you love, too.

Us Weekly: Off the red carpet, the stars are just like us, according to this magazine. Each week, it reminds us that they go grocery shopping and grab coffee, too. But aside from that, this celebrity magazine runs down the latest headlines and highlights those must-have star-studded looks.

Entertainment Weekly: Forget the gossip and the fashion, because you won’t find it here. Instead, the emphasis on critical reviews of television, film, music, and more will give you an insider’s take on the best works in each genre, why they deserved to be nominated, and the popular picks to win.

TV Guide: Dramas, comedies, reality shows—this weekly digest-sized magazine covers it all. Entertainment junkies will get authoritative advice on the best new shows to watch, the can’t-miss season and series finales, and season previews—all from an unmatched behind-the-scenes point of view.

Rolling Stone: Once again, no gossip or style tips here. Fans of music and pop culture will instead find an array of album reviews, insightful interviews with classic and up-and-coming artists, and intriguing, yet sometimes controversial essays about social issues and the latest headlines.

People StyleWatch: Even if your budget can’t manage the red-carpet style of awards season, you can still look like a star. With the help of this celebrity fashion magazine, you’ll get the lowdown on the trends, the beauty tips, and more that Hollywood loves—and at a price you can afford.

MAD: You might casually follow the awards season scene and keep up with the major headlines, but you don’t take it so seriously. This magazine will fill you in on the really important stuff by ensuring you get a good laugh—if there’s one to be had—with its signature social parody and biting satire.