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10 Mother’s Day Magazine Deals for $1 or Less Per Issue

Mother's Day DealsWondering what to get for Mom this Mother’s Day? Here’s 10 great deals on some of our top magazines that Mom can look forward to all year—and that will fit any budget!

Why give Mom a magazine for Mother’s Day this year? Two great reasons come to mind—its price and its thoughtfulness.

Typically, you can save up to 90 percent at every day, but with our special Mother’s Day deals, you can find top magazines at even better prices.

These are some of our favorite picks for Mom—and each is just $1 or less per issue.

Food & Wine: Give Mom a year of the finer things in life—gourmet food, wine pairings and culinary travel tips at a special price. Just $12 for 12 issues.

Good Housekeeping: Help Mom stay organized and healthy—plus feed the family for less—with time-saving, practical advice. Just $5 for 12 issues.

Marie Claire: Stylish moms will find everything they need to look their best from head to toe with the latest trends in beauty and fashion. Just $5 for 12 issues.

Prevention: Encourage Mom to take good care of herself with these healthy tips on losing weight and disease prevention. Just $10 for 12 issues.

Southern Living: Whether Mom’s a Southerner or just loves the South, she’ll love the traditional recipes, entertaining advice and regional travel suggestions. Just $10 for 13 issues.

Redbook: Moms who love a bargain will love this revamped magazine focusing on all things affordable—and you’ll love the price. Just $5 for 12 issues.

Cosmopolitan: Known for its upbeat style and contemporary relationship advice, this magazine is perfect for modern moms. Just $10 for 12 issues.

Woman’s Day: Most moms juggle it all—family, career, home, finances—but tips from this magazine can help make it seem a little less overwhelming. Just $5 for 9 issues or $10 for 12 issues.

Parenting (Early Years or School Years): Moms looking for expert guidance on raising their little ones or resources for healthy snacks and fun crafts will find it all here. Just $4.97 for 22 issues. (Early Years edition covers ages 0-5; School Years edition covers ages 6-11.)

Crochet Today: Crafty moms of all skill levels will find inspiration in this how-to magazine for creating fashionable clothes, baby items and home décor. Just $6 for 6 issues.