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Mormons, Mitt Romney Having a “Moment,” Says Newsweek Magazine

Newsweek_magazine_subscription_20110606.jpgIf you’re Mormon and you know it, clap your hands! Seriously, give yourself a round of applause because your social status is climbing fast. You’re having a “moment,” or so says the latest issue of Newsweek magazine. Mitt Romney, a devout follower of the Mormon faith and once-again presidential hopeful, has a certain flare on Newsweek’s cover, don’t you think?

The former Massachusetts governor’s head has been superimposed onto the body of a singing, dancing Mormon missionary. “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have similarly hijacked The Great White Way since hitting Broadway with “The Book of Mormon.” The result: 14 Tony nominations. Combine that with the runaway successes of TLC’s “Sister Wives” and HBO’s “Big Love,” and it’s clear: It’s both and lucrative to portray Morman life on stage and screen.

There are other factors that seem to have brought down “the fourth wall” between mainstream media, Middle America, and the Mormon sect. Elizabeth Smart’s nine-month ordeal with fanatic kidnapper Brian David Mitchell turned a nation’s sympathetic ear toward the Utah family, and inevitably, their faith.

The article also cites the 15 Mormons currently holding seats in Congress and highlights GOP candidates Romney and John Huntsmen, Jr., as well as Senate Leader Harry Reid, but folks, we know the truth–even more so after Monday night’s MTV Movie Awards where “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” took home five awards.

That’s right, people. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ought to have bestselling Mormon author Stephenie Meyer on speed dial by now. The stay-at-home-mom author has sold upwards of 40 million books worldwide, all of which have been turned into major blockbuster films. So it really all comes down to the forbidden love between a teenage mortal and her vampire boyfriend.

Is the Mormon faith still taboo in America? More importantly, can Bella and Edward get Romney into the White House go ’round?