Money Magazine’s Guide to DIY

money_magazine_subscription_april2011.jpgWhat? Yep, you read that headline correctly, Money magazine offers do-it-yourself advice in its April issue.

Make that two kinds of DIY. First up, three pages of the traditional type of DIY. Here readers will find tips on repairing lawns ravaged by a rough winter, a guide to planting to weather next year’s cold months and how to make sure you’re not overdoing it when you opt for home-improvement projects. (One example, don’t add more granite and stainless steel than you’ll recoup when selling your home.)

So much for playing This Old House magazine; Money sticks to its financial magazine role with the second DIY story. Snappily titled “The Case for DIY–and When You’d Be Crazy to Go It Alone,” this story includes clever illustrations and informative charts and graphics in an examination of a range of potential–and sometimes surprising–DIY projects and the variables that should be factored into any decision to go it alone.

Preparing your own taxes, applying for college, writing a will may seem simple enough, but what of managing your own portfolio or creating a retirement plan?

Meanwhile, Money’s April cover story may be the ultimate DIY story: How to reach a million dollars. Say, what page was that on again?

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