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Moll Anderson’s Tips for Using the Power of Red

A red rose means passionate love.

The second January is over I immediately start thinking and looking forward to Valentine’s Day. What girl doesn’t? That’s how powerful the holiday is! So, let’s get started thinking about RED! In last week’s blog, “Take a Color Clue,” I explained the meanings of different colors in your life. This week let’s focus on the power of red.

First, you should add a little living color into a space that may seem a bit drab. You can simply turn the heat up in your home with gorgeous crimson flowers. Don’t underestimate the power of the flower; it captures the senses in a most unique way. Flowers bring a pop of color to a space and can play a tremendous part in capturing one’s heart. When creating the ultimate stage for romance I’ve always said, “Dim the lights, turn on the music and fill the room with gorgeous flowers!” Now that’s a seductive home.

I’m here to tell you the color red is an emotionally intense hue that even has physical effects. It can enhance the metabolism, increase respiration and even raise blood pressure. So grab those ruby roses while at the grocery, think a red-hot nightie, fabulous red lips, luxurious crimson sheets, or you can even roll away the drab with a fabulous shade of red paint. If you add red to your space, you’ll immediately bring spice to you life. So, this Valentine’s day, turn your home into a scarlet fever seductive home.

How will you use the power of red this Valentine’s Day?

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