Moll Anderson’s Advice on Spicing Up Staycations and Fabulous Getaways

Beautiful coral and natural sea sponges filled with soaps instantly give your bathtub a seaside spa vibe and create the perfect place to relax and re-energize.

In case you haven’t noticed the sweltering heat outside, it’s time for vacation! You deserve to wind down and relax from the chaos you may have in your life. Sometimes, it may seem like you just can’t get away from your work desk—a lot of Americans tend to skip using their vacation days!

But it’s so important to give your mind time to relax and de-stress. Whether you are going to get away or maybe even choose a staycation—taking the time out for yourself is a fabulous way re-energize your life.

Don’t think of your staycation as limiting; think of it as a new way to look at your surroundings. For me personally, packing is one of the most difficult things to do because I love to have my options! So the thought of just staying put where all my belongings already are seems like a dream.

Often times, we don’t play tourist in our own backyards. Get on your local city website and find the hidden treasures that are right under your nose! These sites usually will post event calendars as well, so you’ll be able to find all the local concerts, festivals, and farmer’s markets that you may not normally have to time to attend.

Go ahead and plan out an agenda for the week so that you don’t end up sitting at home and not accomplishing any of the exciting things that are available to you. Schedule one day where you decide to create your very own inspiration destination. Think of your most desired place to visit or a favorite of yours and your partner’s and recreate that place right in your own home! How convenient is that? Beach getaway—serve your favorite seafood, a nautical inspired tablescape, and the perfect seductive summer playlist! Voila, your staycation couldn’t have been better!

If you are choosing a destination getaway, here are some ideas to make sure you live your week off to the fullest! Often times, vacationers fall in love with one spot that they travel back to each summer so, if that’s the case for you and your family—I suggest trying something you’ve never done before. Engaging in a new activity will leave you feeling like you’ve really accomplished something. Scuba diving? Why not? Think of this as the unforgettable moment of each trip.

You’ll also need to be sure and prioritize your time accordingly. Break up your day into blocked segments—you time, couple time, and if you have a family—family time. Taking time apart will allow you to reunite in the evening and share what everyone’s day has been about.

If you aren’t sure where you might want to travel to this summer, here are a few of the top spots the celebs have been hitting. Hitting up elite beach scenes may seem right up your alley for making the most of your days off. While Jennifer Aniston likes to visit Cabo san Lucas, you may be able to spot George Clooney in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Often times, celebrities will stay on private islands so that they can easily evade the paparazzi while trying to relax! Whether you choose to stay home or jet set to your favorite destination spot—you’ll be sure to have a fabulous time with my simple vacation tips!

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    I’m taking little 1/2 day staycations all summer long by planning a little me time by the pool with a good book. No traffic, the location is ideal and I have complete privacy. Hmmmm.