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Moll Anderson’s Advice for Turning Up the Heat on Romance This Summer

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Summer not only provides many opportunities for romance, but the heat can also cause our relationships to ignite!

This week I want to help you with both! In order to maintain a seductive lifestyle, it’s essential to fill your heart and head with love. Love for yourself and your partner. I’m going to share some ways to keep the love alive and your dating world exciting!

Last Saturday on my weekly radio show, The Moll Anderson Show, I chatted with Chad David about how to make good relationships GREAT. Your relationship should be at its very hottest for the heat of these summer days. To learn more on how to heat up your relationship, listen to Chad’s top tips on

I always say that it’s important to date each other often! Whether you’ve been together for a few months, a few years, or a couple of decades—it’s still a sweet gesture to stop all else and just spend time together.

Photo by h.davis photography.

According to one of my hot picks this week, Redbook, there are a ton of date ideas that are inexpensive but can still work the dating magic and shut out the noise of hectic schedules.

Here are a few of my own ideas to help you enjoy some summer fun together.

  • Get your adrenaline pumping: Go zip lining, rock climbing, maybe even start a dance class together—these adventurous activities will actually up your adrenaline, which ups your attraction level to your partner as well!
  • Food festival frolicking: Head out to a local food festival or farmers’ market for a yummy time with your partner. These events pop up all over big and small cities, so check your local city website for schedules.
  • Get creative: I love the idea of actually making something on a date! Take a cooking class, head to a BYOB paint class, or make pottery and swap it as gifts at the end of the evening. There are more and more of these venues opening, and the prices are affordable.

Make a pact with your partner that you’ll close out the summer in the best way possible—together!

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