Moll Anderson Steams Up the Airwaves with a REAL Housewife

50 Shades of Grey book coverComing up on Saturday’s The Moll Anderson Show is a brand new monthly segment featuring REAL everyday housewives. Although I think the Real Housewives as seen on Bravo, are great moms and caregivers and definitely entertaining, I must ask how “real” can a housewife be when the cameras are rolling?

So I am turning the tables and talking to a “real” down-to-earth housewife—just like the women across the nation who are keeping their families in check, creating a loving home, and doing it all with a smile. I’ll be reaching out to women across America to gain fresh perspectives and share my advice for any questions they may have.

My very first REAL housewife is Loretta Cate from Maryville, TN. Mrs. Cate is a retired professional but still works part-time as a business coach for executives. Loretta and I consider all things romance including the ever-present Fifty Shades of Grey book. She not only gets down and dirty cleaning the house, but she picks up a few dirty tips from Christian Grey! This real housewife reveals what this erotica novel meant to her and why she thinks it’s affected so many women.

Later in the show I have some fun with my go-to gossip girl, Tara Hitchcock! Don’t miss my latest hot picks; they’ve got fabulous advice on all the things to do for your man. Cosmopolitan shares eight compliments your hubby or boyfriend wants to hear, even the classics like, “No one makes me laugh like you do.”

Glamour magazine gives new sexy date ideas, turning up the heat for a scandalous weekend! And Redbook suggests hot new things to try with your guy; even simple gestures like sending a text every time you think of one another will boost your relationship. We even delve into the topic of when is the best time to engage in sex, and it’s not just after you finish the steamiest chapter of Fifty Shades!

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