Moll Anderson Wear the Room

Moll Anderson Shares Advice on Wearing the Room

Moll Anderson Wear the Room

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Are your home and your wardrobe saying the same thing? You may not realize that your style isn’t just in the clothes and accessories that you wear; your style is also reflected in your home! And if you don’t see your style reflected in your home, you should consider giving your home a makeover so you will be “wearing the room.”

To design your home, you need to know who you are, how you dress, how you live and most importantly, how you dream of living. To create a seductive lifestyle, you and your home need to be the same. If you feel unsure of what your design sense is, take a look inside your closet. Do you gravitate toward a more tailored, classic style or do you choose flowing fabrics of a romantic style? Your wardrobe holds the key to revealing your personal style.

Animal Prints

A touch of animal print is bold and will add sensuality to any room.

If the style you see isn’t what you aspire to, think about what message you do want to send. Experiment with your wardrobe and go shopping! Explore the possibilities outside of your comfort zone. Try on clothes that bring out your inner desires, instead of simply passing them by. Don’t forget about experimenting with accessories that add an extra “wow” to your style. A pair of dazzling, glittering earrings, a hint of alluring animal print, a brightly colored new handbag–there are so many ways to pump up the seductive volume!

Embrace the idea of CPU: Cost Per Use. A brilliant new clutch will look just as beautiful in your hands as it does sitting out on your boudoir table. Don’t employ accessories to one strict definition; sit your most beautiful belongings out to see all the time! The idea is that you will make great fashion choices if you make sure that it not only speaks to you, but can also be used as an accessory in décor.

Handbags as art

Handbags are art!

Once you develop some confidence with a seductive style, you’ll begin to “wear the room.” Create a room that mirrors your desired style and add elements that bring it to life! Accessorizing your room is just like accessorizing your wardrobe.  Make a statement with your accessories and bring the same “wow” to your home’s décor.Now that you understand “wearing the room,” what is an example of a favorite outfit that best expresses how you want your room to look?

Post a photo of your outfit and what room you’d like to incorporate it into and I’ll be happy to share my advice.What are you waiting for?

You can find great accessory suggestions in this month’s issue of Elle magazine!

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