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Moll Anderson Releases Newest Book The Seductive Home™

I believe homes, like people, can be deeply individual yet equally creative and the process begins with understanding your personality and nurturing your personal style. To design your home, you need to know who you are, how you dress, how you live and most importantly, how you dream of living. In my newest book The Seductive Home™ you can see my dreams!

I chose the book’s title to get people’s attention and to show them how they can seduce their families back home. I want children to learn what a home is supposed to be. Home is the most important place, regardless of where you are with your style. You want your home to be the place where you want to come back to. Seduction evokes emotion – it’s exhilarating, joyful, surprising and most importantly, it’s sensual. You’re drawn in and you want to experience more. This is what defines The Seductive Home™. It’s always found in all the decadent details: the finishes, the textures on the walls and how the paint color catches the light in such a way that you yourself are lit beautifully. It makes you feel flirty and fabulous.

When writing The Seductive Home™ I always remembered that sensuality is a state of mind; the more in touch you are with it, the more full of life and happier you are. The interiors affect your sensory and that’s what makes a home homier. With an abundance of glorious images, my new book teaches you how to bring elegance, sophistication and, yes, even an indulgent sense of decadence to a home.

Click here to buy The Seductive Home™ now! Did I mention it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?


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Moll Anderson is an accomplished interior designer and lifestyle expert who infused the interior design world with a fresh new way of thinking with her first book, Change Your Home, Change Your Life®. She is known for her sensory-scaped approach to design featured in her newest book The Seductive Home™. Anderson, an Emmy-winning entertainment reporter, has served as guest and designer on national television shows and has been featured in popular women’s magazines. Get to know Moll Anderson at