Holiday Shopping with Moll Anderson

Moll Anderson Offers Stress-Free Holiday Shopping Advice

The month of December is almost upon us and I’m betting some of you out there haven’t even started your holiday shopping! There is no need to panic, but I do suggest going ahead and simply starting to put a gift list together. Don’t load your brain with negative thoughts about what you can’t do—start with what you can do!

Moll Anderson Christmas closet

Include all the essentials in your closet such as ribbon, scissors, tape and wrapping paper!

For instance, you know you’ll be buying Christmas presents for at least family and close friends, right? How many times have you been in a store (and I’m speaking to myself, here, too) and seen perfect Christmas gifts at a great price, but figured it’s too early to make those purchases? We have these ideas in our heads that it’s not time yet for Christmas buying, so we wait until the last minute and then throw ourselves into major panic and chaos. Some of you out there feed on that—you don’t know what to do unless you are miserable! You know who you are.

Take my word, you will always find the best deals when you aren’t limiting yourself to a shopping deadline. Keep your eyes open throughout the entire year and you will never be in a bind again! Start a gift closet or drawer and begin to add your purchases as you buy them. Include gold or silver wrapping paper and wrap as you buy to save time in the future. Don’t forget to label your presents; we don’t want any grandmothers ending up with a nephew’s gift!

leopart print journal

These fun leopard-print journals are a great seductive gift.

Granted, there are some relatives or friends that it seems impossible to shop for! They never like the clothes you pick out or you never know whether they use that cool gadget you got them last year. So, this year I challenge you to think outside that perfectly wrapped box of yours. Enhance the lives you care about the most with a more seductive gift this year. Think something with a hint of cheetah, like these fun journals!

Just the easy act of keeping our gift giving in mind throughout the year will eliminate so much holiday stress and leave more time to make the holidays fun and enjoyable!

What seductive gift will you be giving your nearest and dearest?

What are you waiting for?


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  • Cindy

    I keep a gift closet too, Moll. It’s a lifesaver and I get to indulge my urge to shop throughout the year by picking up that “perfect” item wherever I find it. I travel a lot for work and know that I won’t get a second chance many things I see. Great suggestion and I second that idea!

  • Marie Fuzzell

    I keep a gift-wrapping supplies closet. One side is for Christmas and the other side is for everything else. Right after Thanksgiving I always check my supply closet to see what I need or don’t need–wrapping paper, gift tags etc. It’s an easy way to stay organized and not over-spend on things I don’t need!

  • Karen James

    Moll, Love your whole “seductive” home concept. Isn’t that what we all want? A beautiful, warm, engaging and seductive place to welcome our family and friends to; thank you for these great ideas. I love quilting and you’ve inspired me to wrap my gifts this year in quilting fabric that my friends can reuse for their own quilt work!

  • Donna Carlino

    I love these journals, Moll. Where can I buy them?

  • Penn B

    Moll, Love the leopard print journal’s…great gift idea for the hard to buy co-worker! What other gift idea’s do you have?

  • Moll Anderson

    Hi Karen,
    I love your quilting fabric idea! How brilliant:))

    Please share any more terrific ideas you just happen to have up your sleeve!

  • Moll Anderson

    Hi Penn,

    I loved them immediately when I saw them.
    Another thought is to give the gift that keeps on giving! Why not give
    a donation in the name of your co-worker to a favorite charity? It’s
    always the perfect gift.


  • Moll Anderson

    Thanks Cindy,

    I learned the hard way by always waiting until the last second! Here’s
    to a NO STRESS holiday!