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It’s time to make a simple change and bring color into your space! Color has energy and amazing impact on the human psyche. So, here are just a few suggestions for colors that will really pack a punch!

Color is a personal choice, so go with whichever hue you are drawn to. Live dangerously and dare to pick a color no one would ever believe you’d choose, or at least one that will affect you and your home in a new and interesting way.

Red: Typically associated with passion, desire and love; however, energy, power, and determination are also closely connected to this color.

Orange: This energetic color not only stimulates activity and encourages socialization, but also has been shown to have only positive effects on one’s emotional state.

Yellow: It is the strongest color psychologically and can quickly brighten things up as it relieves depression, sparks creativity and even improves memory.

Lime: Adding a twist of lime to any drink is quite the refresher—so that added bit of zest might be just what your room needs. Due to the close association with fruits, citrus hues—like lime—are linked to wealth and vitality.

Blue: A calming and cooling color, it counteracts hypertension and is good for the sinuses.

Think pink to get ready for Valentine's Day.

Violet: A cleansing and healing hue that can strengthen and awaken your spirit, violet is also great for headaches and migraines.

I’m not saying you have to go all out and paint your entire house orange. I think painting one wall or incorporating a bright new piece of furniture, or even adding a touch of color to your master bed linens will do the trick to bringing some colorful energy to your home.

What color will you bring into your home to add a punch and pick up the energy?

What are you waiting for?

For more suggestions on how to use color in your home, buy your subscription to Dwell today.

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  • Cindy Ratzlaff

    That’s it. I’m looking for ways to work orange into my office. Thanks for the inspiration Moll.

  • Moll Anderson

    Fabulous! That orange will keep you energetic and positive throughout even your longest work days!