Moll Anderson Seductive Holiday Table for Two

Moll Anderson Encourages Creating a Holiday Seductive Table for Two

There is no better time to create a seductive table for two than during the holiday season. It’s important to take time after (or before) the family celebrations and give yourself the ultimate gift, a beautifully decorated table set for you and your partner.

Remember that your table doesn’t have to be over the top, just do the best with what you have. Your table for two will serve as a special and intimate place for just the two of you to enjoy one another. Often, couples spend the entire holiday season mulling over travel arrangements or gift buying and forget what is essential—the time spent together!

Moll Anderson Holiday Table for Two

Unique cardholders add a fun element to your Seductive Table for Two™

The best place to start is by finding a small table. Go on a scavenger hunt around your home–I pulled a side table from my formal living area and carried it into the great room and set it front and center. It was the best design decision I’ve ever made because it carved out a space for just my husband and me. Now if you have children, I know this may seem impossible, but remember you absolutely need to do this, even if you pick up the table and place in it your bedroom, a terrace or a patio. The idea is quality time alone.

Place your table in the room so that it feels as if it belongs there; you want it to flow with the décor of your space. You don’t have to decorate with the traditional red or green; there is nothing prettier than a monochromatic vibe. You can choose blue or a metallic is beautiful to use during the season. I chose soft shades of green foliage for my seductive setting.

Moll Anderson Floral Arrangement for Table for Two

A monochromatic floral arrangement is both simple and chic!

Think outside the box when it comes to cardholders! Do you have a favorite ornament or novelty? Let it inspire you. If you look at your trinkets in a new light, you may find you’ve already got a great cardholder and you just didn’t realize it. I love this glittering angular star ornament! I snipped the string, arranged it on our plates, and ended up with a whimsical setting.

The centerpiece was created from tree greenery, a splash of white roses, soft feathers, and a mix of sparkling ornaments. Florals are the most sensual element in pulling a table for two together because they evoke sensory responses through both sight and smell. These extraordinary versatile accessories come in a variety of colors and sizes; perfect for any theme you want your table for two to have! A colored glass vase is also a fun way to add a special decadent detail.

What better way to end the evening than with a gift? It doesn’t have to be extravagant, maybe just a box of delicious chocolate. Finish off your table with a neatly wrapped favor. This small box is tied up with oversized ribbon into a voluminous bow, which is adorned with a dainty bird via hot glue! It’s all about the details!

Wrapped Favor for Table for Two

I love a beautifully wrapped favor.

While readying for the busy time ahead, remember a simple meal shared together is a wonderful gift to your significant other and a splendid way to celebrate the season.

Do you set aside the time to celebrate with your someone? Tell me what you do and share your pictures if you have them. If not, why not?

What are you waiting for?


You can read more about creating a simple holiday in Redbook magazine!

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  • Kristen

    Moll, what kind of flowers are good for a winter floral arrangement other than roses? thanks!

  • HayleyMartin87

    Love this Moll! I adore the green and gold theme you have going on- what a nice break from the traditional red and green! I’m already thinking up cute cardholder ideas- what a nice touch!

  • Alliecowles

    Hi Moll,

    My boyfriend is from Sweden. He is spending the Holiday season here in the U.S. How would I incorporate something international at the table so he feels welcome and at home during the Holiday season?

  • Moll Anderson


    You should try white or green cymbidium orchids or beautiful red amaryllis. Also, colorful Christmas balls in all sizes arranged in glass cylinder vases lasts forever and looks both very chic and modern for a simple holiday arrangement!

  • Alissarmansfield

    Hi Moll! Great article, I absolutely love the color scheme! My husband and I make a point to have dinners for two and celebrate often but we also find it challenging to do so during the holiday season! Sometimes it becomes so much about making it to everyone else’s holiday party that you are hardly focusing on each other! How do you make time time during the holiday season?

  • Codee

    I love the ideas in this article! My husband and I will have to travel to see both of our families, so I love the idea of creating a special night for just us. This will be a great way to share our very first Christmas as a married couple and to create traditions for years to come! I really like the idea of setting up a small table to make your home feel a little more special for the occasion. Thanks for the info!

  • A new day and another blog! Ask Moll :

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  • Moll Anderson

    Hi Codee,
    Sounds like you are off to a great start! Traditions are what family is all about. Please send us a picture of that first Christmas table.

    Happy Holidays,

  • Moll Anderson

    Dear Alissa,

    I know only so well about struggling to make personal time for my husband and myself. We have four grown children between the two of us, two are married, one is engaged to be married in June and our very first grandchild due any moment!

    Remember that even if you just make a breakfast tray with coffee, OJ and croissants, it’s about stealing the moments alone together. Oh, make sure you have a lock on your bedroom door!


  • Moll Anderson

    Dear Hayley,
    Sounds like you’re a girl after my own heart! Please share with us your cardholder ideas.
    We are all in this together. :)
    Happy crafting,

  • Moll Anderson

    Dear Allie,
    There are many Swedish traditions but the one that I love is that the celebration of Christmas lasts almost two months! LOL:))

    The fun begins with Advent. Each Sunday before Christmas a candle is lit on an advent wreath made of a stick that is decorated with white lichen and paper-mache mushrooms or red berries.

    I think it would be fabulous to create your own wreath as your centerpiece and light a candle each night to honor his Swedish traditions.

    I would leave to see pictures of your table! You can post them here or tweet me @MollAnderson1


  • Jo

    Moll, You are absolute MAGIC! I have always believed there is something more important for women to do than compete to be in the boardroom, and you are a perfect example! You are a strong successful business woman and the business your have built creates love and seductiveness, and those are the elements so missing from most of our lives. What a much better gift to the people around you. Thank you for creating so much beauty and MAGIC, I have begun doing the same.