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Moll Anderson Asks “What does your home say about you?”

Moll Anderson HomeI always explain to my people that our homes are reflections of who we are—because it’s true. We all want to believe that we’re not judged by our appearances, or by the appearances  of our homes, but who are we kidding? We are! And whether we like it or not, we do make first impressions and they do count!

Your home is a reflection of your inner self, and it says so much more about you than you may have thought possible. Have you ever said to yourself, “If these walls could talk”? Well, they do! What does your home say about you?

What would you say if I said to you that your home reflects your soul? Think about it. What was the state of your home when you left for work this morning? Did you make your  bed when you got up so that your linens look fresh and inviting when it’s time to snuggle back into them? Or is   your bed in complete shambles from a night of tossing and turning? Did you wash the breakfast dishes so that you won’t dread coming home to them tonight, or are they piled up with dried food on them so that it will take twice as long to clean them later?

Just like our home, we reflect what’s going on inside of us. Our souls—our gut instincts—can be a barometer for what’s going well and for what’s not going so well. If our lives are crazy-busy, or if we’re stuck some place, we tend to let things go. Or, it can simply be a matter of poor habits. The point is we often don’t take the time to do the little things that make such a difference to ourselves and to our families.

From the outside looking in: When you go home tonight, walk up to your front door as if you are a complete stranger. Ask yourself some questions about what you see. Observe what your home looks like to the rest of the world and if it doesn’t reflect who you are and the message you want to send to the outside world, then it is time to make some changes. Share your thoughts here about your observations of your home and let me know what you want your home to say about you?

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