Moll Anderson Answers the Health and Beauty Questions We All Want to Ask

Dr. Susan Evans, medical expert for Oprah, Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew

This week on The Moll Anderson Show I dive into the real health and beauty questions we all want to know. I invite Dr. Susan Evans straight out of the coveted 90210 ZIP code to tell us what we need to know to have amazing skin and tone.

She also gives the skinny on whether Brazilian butt lifts really work! The healthy and beauty expert herself gives her opinion on plastic surgery; because who hasn’t wondered if they should get a little nip tuck?

I’ll also reveal my latest magazine hot picks to get you looking beautiful from getting rid of red eyes to eliminating puffy dark circles.

Self magazine gives five simple steps to cellulite free skin; the easiest one is simply keeping your body hydrated.

The best way to get your intake is to eat watermelon; one cup equals 3/5-cup water. You should be taking in about 8½ cups of water per day.

Few things are worse than waking up with dark circles and puffy eyes from lack of sleep, stress, or just overexerting yourself. We can all admit to it! Women’s Health magazine provides a couple tricks to beat these annoying side effects to a busy schedule.

Purchase an anti-puff eye cream or roller and keep it in the freezer. The added cold factor will bring down the swelling almost immediately. For dark circles, invest in an eye care product containing caffeine. The caffeine will constrict the blood vessels, making the circles less obvious. Dab on just a bit of concealer to finish the process!

Allure magazine dishes on a variety of ways to kick the stress right out of your life. My personal favorite is to stop sweating the small stuff. It is easy to get caught up in the “he said, she said” trivial components of everyday life, but just let it go! Releasing these harsh feelings will make you feel all the better, because the only person you’re hurting by holding that grudge is yourself.

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