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Moll Anderson’s Tips for a Simple Seductive Outdoor Soirée

The warm days have officially set in and I’m so excited to spend some quality time outdoors in the sunshine or in the coziness of the friendly May evening. So, let’s bring my seductive tips outside the walls of your home and create an enchanting space in your own backyard! Whether it’s just you, you and your partner, or a couple of friends over for a meal—all the elements remain the same! Think of it as sensory scaping™ an outdoor living area.

Start with designating exactly where you want to be: on your porch, in the yard, or wherever! If you have an umbrella, even if it’s not sunny out go ahead and use it—it will allow you to designate a specific frame of where you want your area to be. If it’s dark think about grabbing some white twinkle lights and drape them inside the umbrella, it will add a whimsical touch to the table. Then add in some seating. You can always repurpose furniture from inside your house and bring it outdoors to create a vibe. If you’re using a porch, grab your dining rooms chairs! However, I don’t recommend bringing them onto the grass in case the legs begin to sink into the earth. Having fun with this idea is the key to making it work! By not using any old plastic lawn chair, you’ll begin to set a romantic vibe.

If you are setting a table for a meal, use the same types of things you would as if you were indoors. Utilize your cloth napkins and real silverware instead of paper napkins and plastics. If you’re hesitant to bring nice plates and cups outside, head to your local home store where you can find gorgeous shatterproof acrylic or melamine wineglasses and plates that won’t break if someone were to trip and tumble. Incorporate flowers from your yard or make a stop at your grocer or florist to pick up a bouquet of some big blooms. I think sunflowers are always a fabulous choice and they don’t get lost in the background of the outdoors. Use a candelabra or candle pillar from your home to give a little illuminating height to your tablescape.

Don’t underestimate the beautiful scene you can create in your very own backyard. Strategically placed candles and lamps are a great way to add soft warm lighting. Place little white lights in your bushes, flowers, potted plants, etc. Just make sure everything is safe! The unexpected effect of this sensual lighting will make an amazing difference. If you don’t have a built in system of sound, bring out your iPod and speakers to provide the music ambiance required to make this a successful outing! All your attention to the decadent details™ will bring the entire happening together. Throw on a breezy spring dress, invite your partner or friends and you’ll be throwing a seductive outdoor soiree in no time!

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