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Moll Anderson’s Advice on How to Get the Energy Flowing in Your Home

It’s not just about making the rooms of your home look fabulous; it’s about making each room feel fabulous, as well! There is a “purpose” for every room in your home—and that dictates quite a bit how you fill those rooms as far as furniture and a vibe—but every one of us has different ideas and notions about what we actually need in each of those rooms.

If you feel like your space isn’t quite what you would like it to be, then today is the day to make a change! I say, start with the energy. You’ll be amazed at how beginning to remove clutter and reorganize can inspire a domino effect to exciting changes, not only in your home but also in your life. Think small—maybe even start in the closet! One easy suggestion is to color organize your clothes, shoes, handbags and even accessories! Putting the items in your closet that go together will create easy inspiration and make getting ready less of a chore and more of a fun activity.

You’ll find that once you get going, the new energy will begin to flourish. Removing the clutter makes new space for positive energy to stir. It’s taught in the art of Feng shui that moving 13 items enhances the chi. The ultimate goal of Feng shui is to enhance your spiritual energy and create a space of harmony. Consider creating vignettes in your space to use your accessories as art!

Sensory-scaping™ vignettes by color and style can easily help you pull your wardrobe together! It also allows for CPU—cost per use. When you’re not wearing your accessories, your room is! If you have space, think about taking an old china cabinet and transforming it into your very own special boutique. Add flowers into the mix for a bit of glamour. Taking the time to make these simple changes will make all the difference in your once chaotic closet.

Spring is here, so get to spring-cleaning!

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