Magazines I Would Want on a Deserted Island

desertedisland1.jpegI look forward to going to the beach every year, and not just because I love the sun, sand, water and waves. I love beach trips because they are the only time I can catch up on my magazine reading. I wait all year for the chance to lay under an umbrella with a fruity drink by my side, the sound of waves crashing nearby and a pile of magazines on my lap.

Despite my best efforts, I never seem to make it all the way through my stack. Even at the beach, there are just too many interruptions and not enough time. I’ve often fantasized about what it would be like to do my beach reading with no time constraints or people around. That got me thinking: If I could spend a week reading magazines on a deserted island, which ones would I take? Here are some of the magazines I would pack:

For escape:
To really get away from it all, make-believe helps. I’m not a big fashionista, but I would definitely take Elle and Vogue magazines to my deserted island because they stir my imagination and encourage me to immerse myself in another world. With their candid celebrity profiles and fanciful photo shoots, both magazines are masters at setting scenes that transport me to another time and place.

For entertainment:
A week at the beach isn’t complete, of course, without a celebrity magazine or two. If I wanted to waste the hours away getting my Hollywood gossip fix, People magazine would be my first choice, with Us Weekly running a close second. For pure fun (and practical fashion tips), I would throw a few teen magazines into my beach bag, too. How else would I know how to wear my sarong 10 different ways?

For inspiration: 
Celebrity and fashion magazines are fun to read, but nothing compares to real stories about real people. For articles that motivate me, put me in touch with my intuition and challenge me to reach beyond myself, I would bring along my Ladies’ Home Journal magazine.

For stimulation:
Once I start craving more of a substantive read, I’ll delve into my Vanity Fair,  Oxford American or Harper’s magazines for a quick dose of fiction and insightful scholarly pieces on cultural or political issues.

For nourishment:
When the sun and reading material gets too intense, I’ll take a quick dip in the ocean, then replenish myself with Sunset magazine and its emphasis on the mind, body and soul. It will teach me everything I need to know to survive on my island–from tips on organic eating and using vegetation to build a shelter to how to truly appreciate and commune with nature.

For laughs:
Between spontaneous storms and strange noises in the night, a week in the wild can put you on edge, so I’ll need some magazines to keep it light. For a good chuckle, I’ll kick back with one of the zany stories in Reader’s Digest magazine or flip through Glamour magazine for one of its witty features.

For comfort:
Life on a deserted island can get pretty lonely after a while, I imagine. In case I get homesick, I would pack Southern Living magazine, so I can read about crepe myrtles, Elvis, lemon ice-box pie and all the quirky comforts that remind me of home. Until I make it back the mainland, I can even dream up some ideas for sprucing up my place and throwing the perfect end-of-the-summer backyard bash.

What about you? What magazines would make your deserted island reading list?

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