The Glossy Pages of Magazines: Why We Love Them

Glossypages_edit2.jpgI’ve always enjoyed reading. I’ll read anything–books, newspapers, fliers, even pamphlets. But when it comes to magazines, not only do I like to read them, I love to read them. Some of my reasoning for this stems from the format and the content, but much of it goes back to the glossy pages of magazines. Here are the top three reasons why I love them:  

1. They are fun to flip through. The glossy pages glide through your hands, just as a leisurely read should. Unlike newspapers, they don’t leave grubby ink splotches on your hands. You don’t have to scroll down to continue a story, or fold and refold to move on to the next one. The text and images of most features flow seamlessly from one page to the next, with minimal jumps. While flipping through, you happen upon all kinds of surprises: coupons, perfume samples, tear-out quizzes, pull-out posters, planners and calendars. 

2. They are easy on the eyes. This applies both literally and figuratively. Magazines don’t strain your eyes after long bouts of reading like a computer screen does. They look good on the coffee table or spread out in your lap. The glossiness of the pages make colors, shades, lines and textures more vivid and defined–almost as if you can reach out and touch the images on the page in front of you. Fashion looks more luxurious, food more succulent, furniture more ornate, scenery more spectacular. Which brings me to my next point …

3. They add to the experience. Glossy pages bring the content and design in magazines to life. Without them, Elle magazine‘s sleek black-and-white photos of Julia Roberts and her Eat, Pray, Love co-star Javier Bardem wouldn’t be nearly as evocative; the detail images in the “O” list in O, The Oprah magazine wouldn’t be as enticing; Sunset magazine’s photography on national parks wouldn’t feel as inspiring. Can you imagine Southern Living magazine’s spread on bluebonnets or fruit sorbets without their glossy sheen? Fonts display better on glossy pages, too, creating a pretty package for readers to “unwrap.”

Oh, and one more reason I love glossy pages: They’re practically waterproof. If I get them wet (while reading in the bathtub or on a float in the pool), they dry much faster than the pages of a paperback book. And I can enjoy them anywhere–no Wifi connection required!

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