Martha Stewart Living a Must for Unlocking Your Domestic MacGyver

martha-stewart-living.jpgWhether you love her because she can seemingly do anything, or hate her for the same reason, Martha Stewart is a multimedia empire who has cooked, crafted and cleaned her way into our modern Heloise with television shows, magazines, radio programs and products for the home, kitchen and even pets to her credit.

But Martha Stewart mania doesn’t end there. Just recently, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc., announced a partnership with Majesco Entertainment to develop exclusive interactive content for video games targeted at women, who as a group have shown increased interest in social gaming.

The foray into the gaming world would be more of a surprise if it were anyone but Martha Stewart. In many ways, she is to the home what secret agent MacGyver was to solving problems, and she proves it in the pages of Martha Stewart Living magazine.

There, she gives advice on cooking, cleaning, organizing, entertaining, sewing, crafts, gardening, fitness and pets. Though all subjects seem to be covered evenly, each article is rich in useful, practical tips that compensate for the magazine’s broad focus.

For example, the April 2010 issue suggested adding on-hand staples and spices to an almost-empty bottle of mustard to make just enough marinade for one flavorful meal. 

Other creative tips include using bleach or colored pens to create batik designs on cotton or linen placemats, assembling Easter treats as a “basket” placed in a jar, and some Easter egg designs that would put the traditional PAAS color kits to shame.

The April 2010 issue celebrated “the best” in cooking, entertaining and gardening with three different covers back to back. The first “best” issue collected tips and reader favorites from across the years, and in some cases, the end result was modified to reflect the season, turning December 1999/January 2000′s gingerbread puzzle cookies into April 2010′s Easter puzzle cookies.

Though special issues are nothing new, Martha Stewart Living magazine managed to pull it off without being too repetitive or contrived. Also, the photography is an unexpected treat in the sense that it is artistically visually pleasing above and beyond what’s generally expected in a food magazine.

The May 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living is especially stunning for its vivid graphics and bright hues that bring to life every article and all relate to its theme–color.

In general, online reviewers praise her step-by-step instructions for making what could otherwise be an intimidating recipe or process seem more accessible, while others say she utilizes hard-to-find ingredients or materials for dishes and crafts that have become more time-consuming.

While the range of projects and recipes would appeal to beginners and those a little more experienced, there are practical tips of use to anyone, meaning there are plenty of “good things” to find in Martha Stewart Living.

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