Maria Menounos’ Rules to Live by: Healthy Eating, Workouts on the Go and Positive Thinking

self_magazine_subscription_maria_menounos_june2011.jpg“Access Hollywood” and “NBC Nightly News” reporter Maria Menounos graces a second health and fitness magazine cover this month. First it was the May/June issue of Women’s Running magazine; now, it’s the June issue of Self.

Menounos, who has also acted for TV and film, is healthy and fit, and in Self she tells readers about a couple of healthy living rules that she lives by. First, she doesn’t eat unless she’s hungry. And second, she believes in the power of positive thinking, telling herself every morning, “Today is going to be a good day.”

Menounos travels a lot for her job as an “NBC Nightly News” reporter, and back on the campaign trail in 2008 she developed her own hotel room workout routine. Her trainer approves, and she shares her moves with us in this issue of Self.

Also in this issue:

  • “12 Ways to Think Slim” is filled with a dozen new ways to look at your diet. Just because I ran 3 miles doesn’t mean I deserve a cupcake. Number 1 on the list–”Food is not a trophy”–is a great way to begin this lesson.

  • It’s too hot to cook, so why not whip up one of the “No-Cook Summer Soups” in the Smart Eating department? Colorful photos make each one more appealing than the next.
  • Are you a writer who has started five novels but still lack the final chapter on each? Do you buy new shelves to hang in the bathroom, but let them collect dust on the floor instead? “Consider It Done!” is a fun little quiz that will help you finish up all that unfinished business.
  • Patty

    These are amazing tips. I bought Maria’s book thinking there were going to be a few tips, but there’s a lot! There’s great organization, workout, fashion, and makeup tips. There’s also some great recipes. My husband has also been reading it, and is finding it helpful.

  • Jenny_Rogers

     I really need to get her book. I haven’t had the chance this week, but later on I will! She has recipes? I want to try them. I know she’s Greek, so they’re probably really good dishes. I read her EveryGirl tips on her facebook page, and they all have been great tips. If her book is anything like that, then I am in for a treat.

  • Summer Huggins

    Glad to hear a good review of her book. Thank you!

  • Karen23

    I saw her on her book tour, and she was really nice. I got my copy autographed by her, and she was really a sweetheart. I like her book a lot, and can’t wait until her next one comes out.

  • Deena

    Where do you hear about her book tour? I don’t have a tv. Does she have a website?

  • Patty

    I found all her dates on her fan page [].

  • Summer Huggins

    Hi Deena. It looks like her publisher keeps that information updated, but nothing listed on the tour that I can see right now:

  • Natalie

    You can find it on her FB fan page.