Making Them Cover It Up

Will magazines and their designers have to rethink their covers due to a new Post Office mandate?:

There’s been a bit of chatter lately about U.S. Post Office rule
changes coming down the pike, which would, among other things peg mail
rates to inflation. All to the good—at least our business manager is
happy about that—but what has magazine designers spooked is the
proposed change in mailing label placement, which would “likely cover a
magazine’s nameplate-needing to be either parallel to and within three
inches of the top edge, or perpendicular to and within two and a half
inches of the top edge….Arial preferred”—according to Folio’s
latest e-newsletter. I know, I know, it’s shocking enough that anyone
could mandate Ariel—but wiping out the logo? This confirms what I’ve
long suspected: the PO doesn’t want to leave me with any room for art
or type at all!

Let’s hope this is a red tape mix-up, and not something that actually comes to fruition. Read more at Designing Magazines.

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