Bon Appetit magazine March 2012

Make Artisanal, Low-Calorie Pizza at Home Without the Fuss

Bon Appetit magazine March 2012

Bon Appetit's tomato and stracciatella pizza

Enjoying a tasty slice of pizza at home doesn’t have to mean settling for a frozen pie or ordering in. Get the gourmet taste and stay in for the night with these great tips.

Hearty, delicious—and even healthy—pizza ideas have been popping up in several recent magazine issues, which means you can get that gourmet pizza taste without leaving home. If you want to really get serious about your pizza making, turn to Better Homes and Gardens magazine’s February issue or Bon Appetit magazine’s March issue. Both tell you how to build your pie from scratch–from the crust up.

If you have even more time to devote to making dinner, Better Homes and Gardens even has recipes for from-scratch pizza sauce and multipurpose herb oil. Looking at its multigrain pizza dough with honey recipe makes me think it could be well worth the extra effort.

Bon Appetit chimes in with only one pizza recipe—tomato and stracciatella–and Better Homes and Gardens gets you started with three—margherita, mushroom-garlic and marinated artichoke–but still gives some good general advice to follow when topping your own.

For the most variety and low-calorie options, Cooking Light magazine’s March issue has pizza lovers covered. There’s no from-scratch dough recipe, which means you can use another of your favorites or even get going with fresh, store-bought dough.

Eight 200-calorie-per-slice combinations from Cooking Light weigh in at 100 or more calories less than those from the popular delivery chains. Little Caesars registered as the lightest when it comes to delivery, sitting at 250 calories per slice. (As a side note, Better Homes and Gardens pizzas were comparable per-slice with Cooking Light’s.)

Several flavors like Hawaiian, barbecue chicken, Greek, chicken pesto and prosciutto with cheese and arugula, are somewhat similar to what you’d find at chain or local pizza purveyors. Other options like beet, walnut and goat cheese, or bagel and lox are not so common.

Whatever option you go with, though, pizza night just got a whole lot tastier—and healthier.