Magazines Make Great Gifts for Every Occasion

You have a lot of special people in your life. Treat them with a specially selected magazine subscription that will entertain, inspire and educate with the news and topics that matter most in their lives! From friends to family, co-workers to neighbors, a magazine subscription makes the perfect holiday gift for everyone—it’s one size fits all!

Sometimes it can be difficult to shop during the holiday season–especially finding the right gift for someone who has everything! That’s why the staff has created this simple, quick gift guide to help you through the holidays. We’ll help you find the right magazine to match almost everyone in your life, from the foodie to the athlete to the artist and more!

The best part is that a magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving! Each issue provides new and exciting, informative, witty and heartwarming stories, impactful news, and visually stunning photographs of the world around us. What better way to show you care than with a magazine subscription that gives back all year long? Use our guide below to pair a specific personality with a magazine specially targeted toward their personal interests and hobbies.

Popular Magazines to Give as Gifts

The Trendsetter. Curious readers with an interest in true stories about celebrities, real-life heroes and in-depth interviews and news focused on pop culture at large, would love a subscription to PEOPLE!

The Everyday Celebrity. Aspiring superstars looking for an inside look behind-the-scenes of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, with regular columns and photos of celebrities living everyday lives “just like us,” as well as dieting, fashion and beauty tips, would love a subscription to Us Weekly!

The Athlete. Sports fans and athletes looking for full coverage of sporting events, the latest headlines about the big games, and in-depth features that go beyond scores and statistics would enjoy a subscription to Sports Illustrated!

The Politician. Politically minded readers who enjoy in-depth information about prominent political events, the global economy, finance, science and technology would enjoy a subscription to The Economist!

The Designer. Home-centric readers passionate about beautiful home decor, design and style tips from the stars of their favorite HGTV shows would love a subscription to HGTV!

The Planner. Modern readers who want to simplify their life and who have an efficient, organized perspective on fashion, money, beauty, health, home, food and family would enjoy a subscription to Real Simple!

The Global Thinker. Readers who are looking to stay on top of current events and learn more about global affairs, public figures, science and technology in a clever, insightful publication packed with news and reviews would enjoy a subscription to THE WEEK!

The Pop Culture Icon. Readers passionate about the world of entertainment—from TV to movies, music, books and more—including interviews with the creative individuals who make entertainment happen in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes, would enjoy a subscription to Entertainment Weekly!

The Foodie. Health-conscious readers of busy families will appreciate the quick and easy, delicious and nutritious recipe ideas in every issue of Cooking Light! Subscribe today and start eating healthier!

More Magazines for Unique Interests

The Adventurer. Readers passionate about nature, photography, history, or global cultures and traditions would love a subscription to National Geographic!

The Animal Lover. Children (and their parents) who love nature and animals will love every colorful, fun-packed issue of Zoobooks!

The Artist. Amateur and professional photographers with a passion for film or digital cameras seeking tips, tricks, and techniques for capturing the perfect moment visually would love a subscription to Popular Photography!

The Craftsman. From the do-it-yourself expert looking to take on new projects to the new homeowner in need of ideas, tips and instructions for home improvement projects, hands-on readers with a love of building and creating solutions would enjoy a subscription to Family Handyman!

The Entrepreneur. Business-minded professionals with an innovative spirit looking for the secrets to success, strategy and expert advice in the small business world would love a subscription to Entrepreneur!

The Fashionista. Trendy, fashion-forward readers who want to know more about the latest fashions, styles and beauty trends would enjoy a subscription to InStyle!

The Homemaker. Readers looking for practical advice on entertaining, organizing and decorating in the home, as well as trendy, seasonal recipes and fun craft project ideas, would love a subscription to Good Housekeeping!l

The Inventor. Pioneering readers who celebrate new ideas, technology, groundbreaking innovations and straightforward facts would enjoy a subscription to Scientific American!

The Reporter. Readers who love to keep up with the latest headlines at home and abroad would enjoy a subscription to TIME!

The Technology Addict. Tech-savvy readers who thrive on the cutting edge of innovation and who love learning about the latest gear, gadgets, and gizmos would love a subscription to WIRED.

The World Traveler. From the dreamer to the experienced globetrotter, anyone who loves the idea of seeing the world and all it has to offer would enjoy a subscription to Travel + Leisure!

The Young Reader. Children who enjoy smart games, stories, puzzles, and activities, who are interested in learning more about the world around them would enjoy a subscription to Highlights!

For the rest of the people on your holiday shopping list, head to, and search by category. We guarantee you’ll find a magazine right for everyone in your life! Happy shopping, and Happy Holidays!