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Affiliate Marketing Manager Jesse Morgan will represent at the Rakuten Linkshare Symposium in San Francisco this week. Here, she shares what she hopes to learn.

As’s Affiliate Marketing Manager, it’s my job to work with our partners every day to make sure they have our best and most current promotions.

I usually talk with our current partners daily on the phone and via email so I’m really excited to have the chance later this week to meet with our partners and other online retailers in San Francisco at the Rakuten Linkshare Symposium.

Along with the chance to talk to our partners face-to-face, I’m looking forward to learning about the latest trends in e-commerce and evolving consumer behavior.

I’m also looking for and hoping to meet new partners! If you’d like to be a affiliate partner and you’ll be at the Symposium, I’d like to connect with you, just send me a tweet or an invitation on LinkedIn!