New Years Resolutions Most Popular Magazine Subscription Discounts Deals

Magazine Subscriptions That Can Help You Keep the Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions Most Popular Magazine Subscription Discounts DealsNeed help making that new year’s resolution stick? We’ve got a magazine subscription that can help! Get inspiration and motivation in your mailbox each month with these titles for each of the most popular resolutions.

Did you make new year’s resolutions this year? It’s a popular practice to vow to improve oneself as one year changes to the next, but according to the Journal of Psychology, fewer than 10 percent actually follow through on them.

There’s apps dedicated to helping resolution-makers stick to their plans, and even social media can be a useful tool to offer accountability. But we’d like to think that new inspiration and motivation arriving in your mailbox every month can help, too.

So with that in mind, here’s the magazine subscriptions we recommend to help you keep the most popular resolutions you—or someone you know—probably made this year.

1. Lose Weight and Get Fit: Getting in shape may be the most popular promise many make to themselves—and also the one most often broken. But Weight Watchers’ low-fat recipes and Health’s workout routine recommendations offer easy-to-follow instruction that can help.

2. Get a Better Job: Looking for a raise? Maybe better opportunities? If you don’t see much of a future in your current role, maybe it’s time to move on. That can mean striking out on your own with the help of Entrepreneur or brushing up on business trends with Fast Company.

3. Save Money: Resolution or not, saving a few more bucks is always a wise move. All You magazine is packed with coupons to help you spend less on everyday items, while Shop Smart is a popular source for smart spending advice on big and little purchases.

4. Eat Healthy Food: Whether you’re making a gradual change or a major one, you can find a food magazine that can help. Cooking Light is well-known for making over your favorite meals with less fat and calories, while Vegetarian Times is an ideal source for nutritious, but meat-free recipes.

5. Manage Stress: Taking up a hobby or pursuing a new leisurely activity is one way to get your mind off the daily grind. Crafters would find plenty of inspiration in magazines like Crochet Today! or Creative Knitting. Field & Stream is a popular choice for outdoorsy types, and budding shutterbugs can get started with tips and equipment reviews found in Popular Photography.

6. Manage Debt: Take saving money a step further by paying down your debts, planning for major purchases, or life changes like retirement with the help of the sound financial advice found in magazines like Money or Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

7. Take a Trip: Getting away from it all is another way to treat yourself—perhaps for staying on track for another resolution on this list. Plan the perfect getaway with the insider travel tips found in Travel + Leisure or Coastal Living if your ideal vacay is close to the water.