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The 10 Best Magazines for Holiday Recipes

Best Magazines for Holiday RecipesThe amount of holiday recipes out there is daunting, but these 10 magazines can help narrow your focus based on what you’re looking for or what you need.

Next to gifts and Christmas decorations, you’ve probably spent plenty of time searching for holiday recipes by now. And while you’ve no doubt been thankful for trusted family hand-me-downs, dog-eared cookbooks and, yes, even Pinterest, magazines can be an excellent source for seasonal inspiration.

For starters, they deliver the latest and greatest ideas every month (or every other month, depending on publication schedule)—not just at the holidays, but all year round.

Another plus, and perhaps most importantly, there’s likely a magazine dedicated exclusively to the type of recipe you’re looking for—low-fat, vegetarian, classic, gourmet, fast, simple, and on and on.

With that versatility in mind, we’ve compiled this list of what we think are the 10 best magazines for holiday recipes.

1. Taste of Home: If you’re worried about whether you can replicate something whipped up in a magazine’s test kitchen, take heart in turning to this magazine’s recipes—all submitted by readers like you.

2. Martha Stewart Living: For elegant recipes set off with a touch of gourmet flair—not to mention suggestions for picture-perfect presentations—Martha helps take your holiday meal from the kitchen to a festively-set table.

3. Food & Wine: An obvious choice if you’re not sure what type of wine to uncork alongside your feast, but it also offers plenty of seasonal (and maybe easier-than-you-think) recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts.

4. Cooking Light: ‘Tis the season for temptation, but you’ve resolved to watch your weight despite it all. This magazine helps you stay strong with holiday ideas that cut back on calories and fat, but not on taste.

5. Food Network Magazine: This one’s a must if you love the sweet stuff and are looking for helpful tips and instructions on making cookies, cakes, candies and more. (P.S. Don’t miss the copycat recipe of Williams-Sonoma’s Peppermint Bark.)

6. Southern Living: All the classic Southern seasonal staples are covered here, from milk punches to red velvet treats. Holiday entertaining gets a lot of attention, so think party-perfect appetizers and desserts for baking or taking.

7. Every Day With Rachael Ray: There’s even more ideas for snacks and sweets here, but the 30-minute meals will help you both balance your time during the hectic holiday season and keep you and the family fed.

8. Woman’s Day: If you’re trying to stick to a budget—on top of all the other holiday spending—this magazine breaks down cost per serving for everyday meals so you’ll be able to manage a seasonal splurge or two.

9. Vegetarian Times: Just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t mean it’s all sides and no entrees for you—not with all the hearty meal ideas inside. (Even non-vegetarians could find scrumptious sides, salads and more here.)

10. EatingWell: Following a healthier or restricted diet doesn’t have to translate into no hope for enjoying the holidays. All recipes in this magazine are tagged as being gluten-free or for healthy weight, high fiber or healthy heart.

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