Moll Anderson Seductive Holiday Table for Two

Moll Anderson Presents the Luxury of Seductive Living

Fall basket

Your container doesn't have to be just a basket. Be creative!

You probably spend an enormous amount of time and energy each year taking care of your family and buying presents for your loved ones. But, do you ever stop to spend a little time doing something special just for you? If not, this is the year to start! Give yourself a gift—the gift of living your most seductive life.

Christmas and Hanukkah are always special because you go all out to ensure that everything is perfect for your family. These holidays create the perfect taste of living a seductive life; candles are lit, flowers are arranged and your home is decorated beautifully. All the elements come together to capture a home filled with love—so why don’t you do this all year-round? Think about it. Isn’t this the time you decide to have friends over and entertain because your home looks the best it has ever looked? Remember this feeling of pride in your space and infuse this into your home all year long.

Now, think about what it was that made your home feel so fabulous? Was it the glimmer of your home being lit by candles? Or could it have been the flowers that made your space feel luxurious? Discover the essentials that made your home feel so amazing and seductive.

Poinsettia Basket

Fill your container with multiple small poinsettias if you can't find the larger plants.

Designate a nice-sized container to always put flowers in. For the month ahead, fill this container with poinsettias, the red is bold and festive! As the seasons change, adapt your flower choice: for spring showcase tulips; and hydrangeas are splendid for summer. I used deep yellow fall calla lilies for the month of October and as the holidays roll around, I switched the flowers out for poinsettias. It’s a foolproof, no dirt, no mess and no fuss solution to always having a beautiful arrangement to greet you. Whatever flowers you love, fill your container or basket with those. These small changes will make all the difference and you will in turn begin to live a seductive life 365 days out of the year.

Creating this gift just for you is actually a great thing for everyone. The happier you are, the happier the people around you are. I promise it will be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself!

What are you waiting for?


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Moll Anderson

About Moll Anderson

Moll Anderson is an accomplished interior designer and lifestyle expert who infused the interior design world with a fresh new way of thinking with her first book, Change Your Home, Change Your Life®. She is known for her sensory-scaped approach to design featured in her newest book The Seductive Home™. Anderson, an Emmy-winning entertainment reporter, has served as guest and designer on national television shows and has been featured in popular women’s magazines. Get to know Moll Anderson at

  • Cindy Ratzlaff

    Flowers and candles are such a wonderful way to signal a style change from season to season. Thanks for the great reminder. I was inspired by your previous post where you used a green and gold color scheme to think outside my usual comfort zone and try something new for the holidays. I haven’t decided yet but would love some ideas on another color theme besides my usual green and red. Thoughts?

  • Donna Carlino

    I like to use a big hurricane glass container with a candle inside on my table and fill the bottom with hard candy that represents the seasons, not so much for eating but for color. I think the sense memory of candy from our childhoods or simply because it’s “sweet” can be seductive as a visual, right Moll?

  • Lisa McKenzie

    Hi Moll,
    With two young kids in the house, my passion for fresh cut flowers and other sensual visuals and scents have been replaced by playmobil sets and the smell of school lunches. I love this post and can’t wait to get my hands on your newest book “The Seductive Home”. Thanks for the continued inspiration, I’ll be back often!

  • Cindy Ratzlaff

    Love this Moll. I’d love to use more candles in my decor but worried about little hands.

  • Moll Anderson


    A rut is something we all get into from time to time.
    Maybe start slow and shift to green and fresh white with a touch of
    sparkle like metallic gold or silver. It’s sensual because it catches
    the light. Then, go on a candle hunt for something that speaks to your
    senses. Did you know that vanilla is the #1 scent that men are drawn
    to? Think about trying your new scent in a votive first and then you
    can invest in a larger version once you have chosen your new signature

    Merry, merry!


  • Moll Anderson


    What ever floats your boat as they say! What is seductive to you and
    your partner is truly all that matters.
    I love the idea — yes, you are correct about sense memory! Very
    powerful. My grandmother’s cinnammon rolls, hot out of the oven still
    get me every time!

    Have fun,

  • Moll Anderson

    Hi Lisa,

    I remember only too well about trying to feel seductive in the midst of
    Tonka trucks and dirty diapers.

    Look, just take it one day at a time until you get your own seductive
    rhythm down. Start with flowers on your grocery list- try an exotic
    color that makes you think sexy. Then next week, find a candle that
    best seduces your senses…one day at a time.

    When it’s convenient and you can, book a babysitter for once a week for
    the same night every week. You will discover that you can work towards
    the evening and find your sexy groove.

    Stay in touch,

  • Mak49

    My favorite part of decorating for Christmas is the lighting…getting just the perfect amount of candles and small white Christmas lights to create warmth and a festive feeling!