Lots to Love in February’s Real Simple Magazine

realsimple_february2011.jpgI didn’t intend to read Real Simple cover to cover, at least not right now. I really was just flipping through the issue while eating lunch. Before I knew it, however, I was deep into the pages of the February 2011 issue.

Here are just a few things to love about February’s Real Simple magazine.

Cover: An assortment of foods–nuts, a piece of salmon, slices of avocado, etc.–looks as though artfully spilled from a cornucopia of nutritious eats.

Fashion Finds: Very nice selection of stylish, quietly elegant pieces. Love the reversible (suede to metallic) Tiffany tote bag and the tuxedo-stripe Banana Republic pants.

Food Stuff: A series of spreads, some reminiscent of Renaissance larder tableaux, illustrate the cover story on “superfoods.”

Health Scare Rx: Random pains and hitches? Ringing ears? Some common–scary, worrisome, uncomfortable–health concerns are discussed here.

Real Simple: An eight-page photo series on streamlining supplies and the drawers that house them. Every item is identified with a blurb that also reveals the item’s purpose. Includes medicine cabinet, kitchen, cleaning cabinet, desk drawer and toolbox.

  • christopher

    Love the magazine!

  • Marie Fuzzell

    Thanks for your comment Christopher.