Look Beyond Bland Cover Design to Discover Good Content in May/June Women’s Running Magazine

womens_running_magazine_subscription_may-june2011.jpgI wish I could be a fly on the wall in the next cover-design meeting for Women’s Running magazine. Each time my subscription copy shows up in the mail, I’m a bit disappointed with the cover: Female runner on a white background. White background. Every single time.

Maria Menounos is on the May/June issue cover with the blurb “I Love to Run!” I found myself thinking to her: I wish I loved to run. My husband is a runner, there are runners all over town, but it’s just never been my thing.

Even as a self-proclaimed non-runner, I can look beyond the bland cover and still find good articles to read in each issue. Like the following in May/June:

  • We’re all trying to eat healthier these days, but every once in a while it’s nice to get a reminder of the benefits. “Ultimate Anti-Aging Foods” encourages us to continue our healthy habits by explaining the beautiful benefits. Glowing, youthful skin from a kiwi? Yes, please!

  • I tend to buy most of my shoes based on color and how cute they’ll be with a specific outfit, but athletic shoes are much different. They need to fit well, do a certain job and even help prevent injury. “Feet of Strength” reviews the hottest sneakers of the season and picks the best for stability, hitting the trail and sticking to your budget.
  • Staying hydrated doesn’t have to mean water-logging yourself every day. “Liquid Assets” explains the best drinks for adding hydration and some nutrition to your day. How about chocolate milk after your morning run? The protein and carbs help your body with a speedy recovery.