Like Brussels Sprouts? Grab November’s Whole Living Magazine

wholeliving_november2010.jpgAre there poppy seeds in my teeth? Of course there are after that meal, which included the Shredded Brussels Sprouts With Lemon and Poppy Seeds from the November issue of Whole Living magazine.

At only 74 calories a serving, how could I resist giving it a try?! Plus, as Home MagaScene blogger MiChelle Jones pointed out earlier this week, Brussels sprouts have emerged as a popular item in magazines this November. Add Whole Living to the list of titles bringing attention to the oft-scorned vegetable.

Unlike MiChelle, though, I love Brussels sprouts. My husband, on the other hand, is not a fan. So I appreciated the fact that this recipe looked easy to cut in half–I could make some just for me. He claimed that the house was stinky as I whipped up this recipe for the first time. I insisted to him that it smelled fresh and fragrant. He didn’t buy it.

I learned something while making this recipe too. At one point, the directions instructed me to sauté until “bright green and tender.” Well, Brussels sprouts always look fairly “bright green” to me. But the moment that they got to that point, I knew exactly what the directions meant. There was a moment when the color intensified to a beautiful bright green. A great lesson in “don’t rush” when I’m cooking.

Speaking of rushing, this side dish is perfect for a busy evening. From start to finish, the fire was off and I was taking my first bite in less than 10 minutes.

The verdict: Two thumbs up. This dish was flavorful, easy and quick. I got a full serving of vegetables in, and my waistline doesn’t feel guilty about anything at all. I’m even kind of excited about trying the leftovers cold tomorrow. I’m thinking they’ll be just as good the next day.

Now please, someone pass me a toothpick.

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  • M.

    hey, Summer:

    your husband will be delighted when you tell him you’ve found another Brussels sprouts recipe. it’s in House Beautiful’s November issue and includes pancetta (that’s got make it better, right?).


  • http://twitter.com/SummerH Summer Huggins

    HA! Yes, meat always makes things better for him… :-)

    I’ll check it out for sure. Thanks for the tip!