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Knitting Yarns Are All The Rage!


You’d better stock up on your favorite knitting yarns, granny! Creative folks of all ages — particularly those in their 20s and 30s — are cutting in on your yarn supply!

Even Hollywood celebrities like Uma Thurman, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dakota Fanning, Julia Roberts, Amanda Seyfried and David Arquette are in on the knitting craze.

We’re not talking a small fad here, folks. The Craft Yarn Council of America estimates that over 50 million people know how to knit, crochet and craft with yarn. Now that’s a lot of love.

I mean, close to 30,000 people follow I Love Yarn Day on Facebook. Need I say more? (BTW, it’s October 15th this year.)

So, what’s behind the madness?

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So You Want to be a Globetrotter? Barcelona Edition

Between beautiful scenery and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a European vacation is like lemonade on a hot day. Whether you are in the midst of planning a trip or are simply exploring your future options, pick a destination that will leave you smiling, relaxed, and with plenty of fodder for Instagram pictures. Although there is no shortage of lovely vacation spots in Europe, some are simply a cut above the rest. This week, we are exploring the beautiful Barcelona!

Coming as no surprise to anyone, Barcelona makes the list for one of the best travel spots of the year. Combining historical authenticity and urban appeal, this Spanish city offers everything from Gothic architecture to street performers. A tourist will have no shortage of sights, smells, and sounds to absorb and enjoy! US News and Trip Advisor have a few “musts” for your Barcelona vacation.

Casa Batllo1. Take throwback Thursday to the next level with the historical buildings

Instagram’s first #TBT has nothing on Barcelona’s rich historical background. The city’s architecture is incredible, and a little touristy sightseeing action is a necessity for any traveler’s to-do list. Antoni Gaudi’s Church of the Sacred Family and Casa Milà are popular picks, as is his Casa Batlló. Leave room in your schedule for a trip to the Montjuïc Castle, and make sure that your camera battery is fully charged!

2. Try out the city’s sunny backyard – the beach

While Barcelona’s beaches might not have the most pristine sand and clearest water, they are nevertheless a perfect way to spend one of your vacation days and take in some vitamin D. After immersing yourself in the beautiful city La Ribera, change up the scenery with a relaxing beachy afternoon.

3. Shopping is a must

Wait no longer for the perfect excuse to be a shopaholic for a day (or three). Not only does Barcelona offer shopportunities that give most large European cities a run for their money, this Spanish metropolis also takes a more artistic twist that will make your Barcelona shopping experience as unique as the must-have jacket that you find on the street market.

4. Explore Las Ramblas

This street is one of Barcelona’s most famous and offers a wealth of unique experiences. From the aforementioned abundance of shopping experiences to tapas bars to human statue art, the pedestrian-friendly Las Ramblas will draw you into a cultural experience that you will never forget.

Don’t just take our word for it, though – some things you have to see to believe! Research your future vacation with magazines like Travel + Leisure and National Geographic Traveler that will help you plan the dream getaway.

We didn’t touch on all of Barcelona’s wonders! Comment below if you think that another must-see deserves to be on our Globetrotter: Barcelona list.


Which Magazine is Perfect for Your Fitness Goals?

Running FeetWhile we all know how easy it is to put personal health on the backburner for more immediate matters like work demands and family dinners, paying poor attention to your health will eventually catch up to you. Thankfully, getting back in shape does not have to be overwhelming or too time-consuming. Rather than reinventing the wheel in your attempts to go from flab to fit, make sure that you are educated on tried-and-true tips that will get you on the path to looking great and feeling better! Do you know about three of the best fitness magazines for your health?

As the name implies, Shape Magazine is an ideal magazine for women who want to get – and stay – in shape. Their articles are full of advice on everything from quick exercises that will help you get the body that you have always wanted to motivational stories about women who successfully made their health a priority. If you want advice on how to look and feel fantastic, then Shape Magazine might become your new best fitness friend!

First For Women Magazine focuses on living a well-rounded life – a goal that is easier said than done. How often do you sacrifice exercise for the sake of running errands? While errands are an unavoidable part of life, skipping activities that promote your health will compromise your well-being over time and can leave you feeling too tired to finish everything on your to-do list. This read is for those of us who often put our health and exercise needs behind life’s other demands. First For Women Magazine will help you balance your life between family time and “me” time and even leave some room for relaxation.

Health Magazine takes a holistic approach toward fitness. By addressing topics like food, relationships, and fashion in additional to tidbits about exercise, Health Magazine is perfect for the woman who wants to make her life healthier in every aspect. From recipes that promote well-being to tips on how to look younger, Health Magazine is the title of choice for many women.

Summer is the season of bathing suits, warm weather that allows for more outside workouts, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep your health on your mind during the rest of the summer!


Summer Magazines

iStock_000009958489Small“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” Henry James

Do you agree with the words of 19th century writer Henry James? Whether you enjoy sitting by the pool or traveling to new locations, summer is the perfect time to relax and rejuvenate. It’s also a wonderful time to catch up on reading. If you’re looking for some great magazines to read this summer, here are a few good options:

1.) Travel + Leisure

Nothing says “summer” like a vacation! If you’re looking for the perfect vacation destination, peruse copies of Travel + Leisure to find the best spots. Each magazine is filled with colorful photos and in-depth reviews of dozens of destinations. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway to a nearby city or an extensive international trip, Travel + Leisure is the perfect resource. The magazine details the best restaurants, hotels, and activities all across the globe. It’s also filled with practical tips about packing, sightseeing, and finding the best travel deals. If you want to learn about the world’s best vacation spots, Travel + Leisure is a must-have!

2.) New York Magazine

Whether you live in New York or simply want to visit one day, this magazine is a must-read. New York magazine publishes a yearly “Summer Guide,” which provides lists of summer activities, recipes, and entertainment options. Past topics included, “12 New Places to Eat in the Hamptons,” “25 Books to Beach-Read,” “Summer Rental Guide,” and “What to Do Every Weekend From Now Until Labor Day.” The lifestyle magazine also features movie and music reviews. In addition, there are articles about the latest nightclubs, fashion trends, and clubs in the Big Apple. New Yorkers will benefit from learning about all the entertainment options available in their beloved cities. Those who don’t live in the city will still enjoy the informative and engaging articles.

3.) O, The Oprah magazine

If you’re looking for a relaxing magazine to peruse by the pool, this is the perfect option. Packed with articles about career choices, relationships, and health issues, O, The Oprah Magazine is a well-respected and poplar women’s magazine. Literature lovers will enjoy the summer reading guide recommended by Oprah herself. The reading list is comprised of excellent fiction and non-fiction selections, as well as memoirs.

Still looking for the perfect magazine to enjoy on a lazy summer afternoon? Visit We have discounts on thousands of magazine titles, so you can easily find the perfect magazine without breaking your bank account. Happy reading!

Reading together

Magazines for Mother’s Day

Reading togetherTrying to find a special Mother’s Day gift for your mom? Why not consider giving her a gift that will last all year long? Magazines are the perfect Mother’s Day gift because they are uniquely tailored to specific interests. Whether your mom’s hobby is cooking, gardening, traveling, or exercising, you can easily find a magazine that she’ll love. Additionally, the magazines will be delivered to her doorstep year round, giving her something new to look forward to and enjoy. Here are a few magazines that will make a great gift for Mother’s Day:

1.) Health and Fitness Magazines

Does your mom enjoy keeping up with health and fitness trends? Does she look forward to learning more about the latest nutrition breakthroughs? Then she’ll benefit from a subscription to Health magazine. Every issue is filled with exercise routines, healthy food options, and informative articles about heath geared specifically towards women. Another great option is Shape magazine, which focuses on food, exercise, and mental health. Both magazines are perfect options for women who take their personal health seriously.

2.) Food Magazines

Women who are connoisseurs of the finer things in life will enjoy a subscription to Wine Spectator or Saveur magazne. Wine Spectator is a lifestyle magazine with in-depth reviews of wines and wineries around the world, as well as advice on which wines to pair with various foods. Saveur is the perfect choice for foodies who are interested in authentic cuisine from various cultures.

If your mom loves creating culinary masterpieces, give her a subscription to Bon Appetit magazine. The magazine highlights culinary trends and gourmet recipes alongside beautiful photography. If she enjoys simple, down-to-earth meals, Taste of Home would be right up her alley. Featuring magazines from over 1,000 field editors, Taste of Home is filled with simple yet delicious recipe options. 

3.) Outdoor & Travel Magazines

Does planting a garden fill your mom with delight? If so, Fine Gardening or Garden & Gun will be right up her alley. Does she love arranging freshly picked bouquets of flowers from her flower garden? If so, Birds & Blooms will be the perfect option for her. The magazine is filled with colorful photos and engaging articles about the most beautiful gardens and interesting birds in the United States.

If she enjoys visiting new places, Travel + Leisure will give her plenty of great ideas for new travel destinations. Whether she’s planning a simple daytrip or an extensive overseas vacation, Travel + Leisure will give her all the information necessary to plan the perfect trip.

Does your mom have a hobby or special interest that isn’t listed here? Visit to see all the magazines that we offer. Whether your mom enjoys making crafts, watching soap operas, keeping up with celebrity gossip, or anything else, you can find a gift she’ll love at!

Field of Sunflowers

3 Great Magazines for Spring

Are you looking for the perfect magazine to read this spring as you lay outside in the hammock or relax on freshly cut grass? Here are three wonderful magazines you’re sure to love!

1.) Good Housekeeping

Ready to tackle your spring cleaning checklist? A subscription to Good Housekeeping will provide you with plenty of helpful tips and suggestions on how to clean and care for your house. The easy-to-read articles give plenty of advice that will help you easily master any home maintenance projects on your checklist. The magazine is filled with product reviews about household items, organizational tips, craft and decorating ideas, and renovation techniques. It’s also brimming with delectable recipes, flawless beauty and makeup tips, diet advice, and relationship and parenting columns. Good Housekeeping also contains literary pieces and essays that are sure to entertain and delight. If your ideal magazine is filled with plenty of inspiring articles about home and family, then you’re sure to love Good Housekeeping!

2.) Family Handyman

Are you a bona fide home improvement guru? Do you spend your Saturdays tinkering in your workshop? If so, you’ll enjoy a subscription to Family Handyman magazine. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you can achieve your dream house through following the easy-to-understand instructions and how-to photos in each monthly issue. The magazine is filled with home improvement ideas, advice about repairs, and new product reviews. If you relish fixing up your home and redesigning individual rooms, you’ll look forward to each new issue of Family Handyman!

3.) Garden & Gun

Eager for a taste of the South? You’ll love the compelling articles and breathtaking photography in the award-winning Garden & Gun magazine. Whether you’re looking for surefire gardening tips, mouthwatering recipes, prolific interviews about noteworthy Southerners, or reviews about current books and music, you’ll enjoy Garden & Gun magazine. The special issues are dedicated to subjects such as “Southern Food,” “Southern Style,” and “Southern Homes,” so you can enjoy the South all year long. Although the magazine focuses on Southern living, it is incredibly popular all throughout the United States.  If you love gardening, cooking, or decorating, you’ll enjoy this Southern-inspired magazine.