Life & Style Magazine: ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood ‘Gives Up Her Baby’


This will come as no surprise, but that doesn’t mean it’s not sad. Life & Style magazine is reporting MTV reality star of megahit ‘Teen Mom,’ Amber Portwood, has given up her baby to authorities.

After displaying bizarre and violent behavior beating up on-again-off-again fiance and her baby daddy Gary Shirley, the Department of Children’s Services reportedly began investigating Portwood.

The ‘teen mom’ reportedly fled her home and left baby Leah to avoid the drama, only to return on Halloween with new resolve to make things work.

according to the celebrity magazine, now Portwood has become mixed up
with an equally ‘violent new boyfriend,’ not to mention the ‘booze and
pills’ she’s been using.

While it does come as a relief to know
baby Leah might potentially find a more stable home life now that
police have ‘swooped in’ to save her, it’s so unfortunate to watch her
mother, Amber, dive into a downward spiral.

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  • Guestdarla

    poor girl

  • Jennifer

    what about the father? or grand parents? that poor lil baby girl!

  • Luz

    oh my god this make me really mad i can belive that she took that baby’s right to grow up with her parents and have an stable home but i guess is better this way and not been with someone who is not gonna care about leah i hope everything goes great with leah and for amber i dont have words she will find out later that what she is doing to her baby’s life is the worse mistake that she has ever dont and she wont even have a chances to fix anything cuz it be to late for that

  • Anonymous

    There’s no question she’ll have some major regrets after the limelight goes away.

  • http://livewatchonline.com/ Watch Movies Online

    That’s just crazy!