Knitting Yarns Are All The Rage!


You’d better stock up on your favorite knitting yarns, granny! Creative folks of all ages — particularly those in their 20s and 30s — are cutting in on your yarn supply!

Even Hollywood celebrities like Uma Thurman, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dakota Fanning, Julia Roberts, Amanda Seyfried and David Arquette are in on the knitting craze.

We’re not talking a small fad here, folks. The Craft Yarn Council of America estimates that over 50 million people know how to knit, crochet and craft with yarn. Now that’s a lot of love.

I mean, close to 30,000 people follow I Love Yarn Day on Facebook. Need I say more? (BTW, it’s October 15th this year.)

So, what’s behind the madness?


Source: Craft Yarn Council


Why People Enjoy Knitting and Crochet

Let’s first take a look at the reasons knitting yarns are flying off the shelves.



As this video from the Craft Yarn Council shows, there are a number of reasons men and women participate in these hobbies. The main reasons boil down to:

  • Stress relief
  • Creative fulfillment
  • Making gifts for others
  • Keeping hands busy


Buying Knitting Yarns

Cranking out all of these hats, scarves and blankets requires plenty of yarn. Needlework enthusiasts are heading to specialty craft chains, local yarn shops, mass merchandisers, knitting shows and the Internet (for hard-to-find yarn) to get their stash.

There are yarn shows, knitting retreats, sheep farm tours, knitting cruises and yarn factory/dye shop tours for the diehard yarn aficionados. Yes, fiber fans go to quite the extent to get the knitting yarns of their dreams — even planning vacations around visits to yarn shops in places like Barcelona, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Melbourne, London and Paris.

Knitting yarns can be compared to artists’ blank canvases. Crafters can use their imagination to make their own masterpieces. But, the yarn must be up to snuff. After all, the quality of the final product is a source of pride for the knitter.

From Bernat, Lion Brand and Plymouth, to Tahki, Red Heart and Coats, everyone seems to have a preferred brand. They each have their own style and specialty, including organic yarns, hand-dyed yarns and the latest novelty yarns.

Strangely, fibers from camels, muskox, sugar cane, seaweed and, yes, your pets, can be spun into yarn. You read that right. Companies like VIP Fibers, Woofspun and Cattyshack Creations can make knitting yarns, accessories, garments and event “fetching” handbags from the pet fur you send them. That sure makes it a lot easier to take your pet with you wherever you go, anyway.


2016 Yarn/Knitting/Crochet Trends

Lion Brand Yarns made these predictions for what will be hot this year:

  • Black and white
  • Fringe
  • Knit-look
  • Super chunky
  • Weaving


Resources for Learning or Flourishing at the Crafts

Magazines.com has a number of craft magazines that cater to those who knit and crochet. They are valuable resources for purchasing knitting yarns, finding patterns, getting project ideas and buying supplies. In fact, the Yarn Council’s recent poll shows that over 60% of knitters and crocheters get their ideas from knit and craft magazines!

Click on each cover to learn more and subscribe!


<br /> <h3>knitting-yarns-mag-knit-simple</h3> <p>                         knitting-yarns-mag-creative-knitting

                    Knit Simple                                                                    Creative Knitting


knitting-yarns-mag-vogue-knitting                              knitting-yarns-mag-just-cross-stitch

       Vogue Knitting International                                                        Just Cross Stitch


knitting-yarns-mag-crochet-world                              knitting-yarns-mag-crochet!

                  Crochet World                                                                            Crochet!


Check Out How Knitting Yarns Are Made


Love of Knitting magazine offers a Yarn Guide if you’d like to learn more.

You can also check out etsy for cool knitting patterns and projects like this one below!




… Knit one, purl one. Knit one, purl two. OMG, did I really type that? Seems like I better get back to my arm knitting!