December 29, 2011

3 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Your Family

KIWI magazine's January 2012 issue

KIWI magazine's January 2012 issue

Skipping a New Year’s Eve night out on the town for an evening on the couch with the family? Try some of these ideas to make your celebrations more special.

New Year’s Eve never ranked up there as one of my favorite holidays. And now that I’m a parent, it has lost even more of its appeal. Why get dressed up for an overpriced night, pay a babysitter to stay past midnight and feel exhausted the next day when my kids wake up with the sun? If you’re like us and planning to spend the last night of the year at home with the kids, KIWI magazine offers these ideas for making it a special time.

  1. A jar full of memories. Don’t let 2011 slip away without remembering all the fun your family had over the past 12 months. During the last days of December, place a jar and several colorful pieces of scrap paper on your kitchen counter and encourage family members to write down their favorite memories of their year (flying a kite on a windy day, a fun trip to the beach). On New Year’s Eve, sit down with the family and read everyone’s memories. Though the article didn’t mention it, I think it’d be fun to put them in an envelope and save them each year.
  2. Movies and popcorn. Invite another family over for a movie night. KIWI suggest some titles that both kids and adults would enjoy like “Toy Story 3,” “Tangled” or “Kung Fu Panda 2.” I loved their idea of setting up a popcorn bar with lots of toppings from which the guests can pick.
  3. New Year’s Day, unplugged. Here’s a new way to ring in the new year: Go screenless. Decide as a family to turn off all computers, smart phones, iPads and TVs on New Year’s Day and enjoy the time together with some old-fashioned family fun. Go for a walk together, play games, bake cookies. Let every family member choose something he or she would like to do. I’d love to adopt this tradition. My husband, however, might need a little more convincing, especially given the day’s typical college football lineup.

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Shannon McRae
Shannon McRae
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