Allure magazine March 2012

Kim Kardashian Talks Reality TV, Privacy with Allure

Allure magazine March 2012

Kim Kardashian covers March 2012 issue of Allure

In her latest cover story for Allure, Kim Kardashian bares more of her natural beauty but considers pulling back on sharing so much of her private life with the public.

Were there ever a photograph that could win over Kim Kardashian haters, it would be this one. The reality star is covering the March issue of Allure magazine with very little makeup, and it makes you wonder why she covers all that natural beauty up on a daily basis. Gone is the heavy eye makeup of Kardashian’s daily mask, and what remains is a dewy, (almost) approachable beauty.

It’s a welcome–and perhaps calculated–step in the right direction for the Armenian stunner after the demise of her 72-day marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries. Kardashian clearly has regrets about making the couple’s relationship and marriage so absolutely public, and she admits, “When I saw Khloe and Lamar (Odom) get married–and they had their wedding on TV–I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, that’s so exciting! That’s what I want! If you were to ask me now, that’s not what I want.”

Such a public 180-degree turn has created a great deal of backlash for the star. Kardashian is weathering a bit of a damage control storm and is even asking herself some tough questions these days. “Do I think there are more haters than before? Not really. But I think this has given them a platform to have a louder voice,” she tells the magazine.

But no matter how loud those naysayers may be shouting, the 30-year-old soon-to-be single lady isn’t closing up shop on her reality career just yet. Though she may want to become more private, she maintains, “I’m a firm believer that my show is who I am.”

Whether that show will ever again feature her real-life romances remains to be seen. (As of late, Kardashian has been linked to on-again, off-again boyfriend and pro football player Reggie Bush.) For now, she seems content to leave the on-screen romance to sisters Khloe, now married, and Kourtney, who is a busy mother to 2-year-old son Mason and now pregnant with a baby girl due later this year with boyfriend Scott Disick. Kim is now the girl with the crushed fairytale, and she concedes that a family may not be in the cards for her.

“Do I want kids of my own?” she asks. “Absolutely. But I don’t know if that’s what’s meant for me. Maybe I’ll just work, work, work and not think about it.”

Will there be changes to her public persona via reality TV? Perhaps: “People [think] because you film your life on a reality show, you live everything for the cameras. But we all have limits.”

Are you tired of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” these days? Would you prefer Kim be more private about personal things or is that what makes her and her shows such a success?