Katherine Heigl’s Softer Side in December W Magazine


A naked Kim Kardashian is a hard act to follow, but gutsy Katherine Heigl does the trick nicely. The former “Grey’s Anatomy” actress, whose name is often synonymous with a tough, outspoken persona, is showing a softer side while covering the December’s W magazine. Of course, the portrait is oozing sweetness with the help of Heigl’s beautiful daughter Naleigh, with whom she’s posing for the fashion magazine’s ‘Family Issue.’

Heigl, 31, is talking about adopting sweet Naleigh from South Korea, the same country her sister Meg is from. The special issue features photographs of Heigl with all the women in her family: mother and manager Nancy, sister Meg, and daughter Naleigh.

On the timing of adopting Naleigh, Heigl tells the magazine, “I was about to play a woman in [Life As We Know It] who inherits a baby, and I was experiencing the exact same thing.”

The actress is looking forward to the future now, saying, “My sister is Korean. I hope one day she and Naleigh will be able to talk about what it’s like to be adopted.”

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