Does People Magazine Feature an “Old and Haggard” Jennifer Lopez on Latest Cover?

Jennifer Lopez "Old" People Magazine CoverYoung and youthful, or old and haggard? You be the judge on how Jennifer Lopez looks on the latest cover of People magazine—because neither she nor her team can decide.

Talk about pressure. On the one hand, don’t plan on aging or having kids—at least don’t appear to have done either—if you’re among the Hollywood set.

But if for some reason, you slip out of that glamorous, made-up persona and end up on, say, People magazine’s latest issue, either a.) blame it on a poor photo or b.) gush about how great your life is—even despite that whole getting older thing.

It’s not exactly clear which route Jennifer Lopez and her team are taking after she appeared “old and haggard” on the cover of the January 16 issue of People magazine. Some reports say J. Lo is unhappy, some say it’s her people, but the “official” word is that her team is thrilled with the way the 43-year-old is portrayed.

Granted, it is quite a departure from the ultra-glamorous look she just rocked at the Golden Globes, but us regular people don’t mind seeing a superstar look like, well, a regular person. Many a commenter on many a message board praised her more natural look, and just as many said they believed she looked even more beautiful.

But there are hints that there was more to the singer’s appearance on the weekly gossip magazine than just giving us regular people a glimpse into her fantastic life.

With impeccable timing, the former American Idol judge graces the cover of the magazine on the day the reality music competition airs, featuring Mariah Carey as part of the new panel, and that is hardly “by accident,” according to one of her former team members.

It was believed to be scheduled to upstage Carey just as she was making her American Idol debut, but it’s anyone’s guess whether they considered the move successful or not.


  • Definitely

    It’s just a matter of another attractive celebrity who had some work done when they didn’t need to! So many celebs are changing their faces so that you hardly recognize them. That certain look or “thing” that you remember is no longer there and it is now so obvious with so many. Take a look, compare pics.