It’s almost that time again…

Usually I don’t even begin to think about New Year’s Resolutions until January 1st (okay, January 2nd), but when I came across this blog from Amy Corr (Magazine Rack) it stirred my hopes of successful resolutions a full month+ early.  

She begins by echoing my own sentiments of intimidation regarding certain health and fitness titles, hers in particular being Runner’s World.  In her case, she’s relatively new to running and fears the content to be aimed specifically towards “hard-core athletes clocking hundreds of miles a week”. To her delight, she finds the magazine to be broadly accessible to runners of any variety, "Runner’s World speaks to oldies and newbies in a seamless way. The tone isn’t intimidating for new runners, but keeps the bar high for accomplished ones".  She goes on to give a wonderfully thorough review of the content of the magazine, so if this is one you’re considering, be sure to check it out.

I don’t know if running will be my specific regimen for 2008, but I do know that having some well-compiled words of fitness-wisdom to encourage me along will likely help me take my fitness goals from the coffee table to the concrete. And it’s nice to know that I need not be intimidated by the sculpted buffs on the covers. My guess is that these other fit-living publications follow the same content guidelines of inspiration and motivation, as opposed to intimidation.  Shape, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Fitness readers…am I right? 

Maybe I’ll treat myself to a self-gifted subscription to one of the aforementioned glossies.  If I do it now, the first issue should be gracing my mailbox right around the time I’m in dire need of a resolution-boost.

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