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Italian Dressing-Olive Dip That’s the Perfect—and Popular—Last-Minute Appetizer

Italian Dressing-Olive Dip Recipe

Italian Dressing-Olive Dip

Have you been searching for an easy, no-bake appetizer to pull together at the last minute? This Italian Dressing-Olive Dip may just be what you’ve been searching for!

Need a last-minute appetizer or a go-to dish to take to a party? You better have one, according to Southern Living magazine’s “Southern Charm” tips feature in a recent issue, as you should never show up to a gathering empty-handed.

If you’ve already got a signature party recipe, maybe you’re looking to add to your entertaining repertoire—at home and away. If so, this Italian Dressing-Olive Dip is easy, quick and delicious—so much so that if you make it, you’ll probably get several requests for the recipe!

On every occasion I’ve made it—including wedding shower and outdoor summer party—I’ve always been asked how to prepare it. And the guests have always been surprised at how simple it is.

For full disclosure, this recipe was passed along to me by a friend who I asked to share it after tasting the dip at a party. If I recall correctly, she got it from the Food Network. I searched, but couldn’t find the origin of this tasty dip online.

Even if you’re not a fan of black olives (like me), trust me, you’ll still love this dip. It only requires four ingredients, and it takes more time walking through the grocery store to pick them up than it does to make it—honestly!

A few more notes about the ingredients: Lately, the Ken’s Italian Dressing with Aged Romano I’ve seen is a “light” version that also includes basil. If that’s all you can find, I taste-tested the dip with it, and it’s still good.

If you want to experiment with the other versions of Rotel, feel free. My latest version incorporated the Rotel with the green chilies. It gave it a little extra kick, but nothing too spicy.

I’ve always used the cheese blends for more depth of flavor. Since it’s a very forgiving recipe, go ahead and experiment!

With apologies to the original source, wherever or whomever it is, here’s the recipe:

Italian Dressing-Olive Dip

8 oz Ken’s Italian Dressing with Aged Romano
1 can Rotel Original Tomatoes
1 4 oz can Sliced or Chopped Black Olives
2 cups Fine Shredded Cheese

Mix all four ingredients in a bowl and serve with tortilla chips. Enjoy!