Is Your Bottled Water Safe?

Is Your Bottled Water Safe?

Men's Journal magazine March 2012

Men's Journal March 2012 with Redesigned Logo

It’s convenient and tasty, but is bottled water as safe as you think?

When you receive your March issue of Men’s Journal magazine, you’ll notice a slight redesign in the new logo on the cover. “Rugged, elegant, unadorned” is what the magazine says they were going for, taking inspiration from European car racing posters from the 1930s. Although the logo has been tweaked a few times in the magazine’s 20-year history, this is the first total overhaul. I didn’t love it at first glance, but now it’s growing on me.

Once I could tear myself away from the logo and start flipping through my copy, one article stopped me in my tracks with the title “What’s Really in Your Water?”

According to another magazine, Fast Company, Americans spend about $15 billion dollars a year on bottled water. Yep, I said “billion” with a B. But are we getting more than just water in that bottle?

Imagine if the ingredients listed on the back of that bottle you have on your desk right this minute also included lead, copper, cleaning solution, asbestos, chlorine, paint thinner and cocaine. You probably wouldn’t be so quick to take another sip. Yet the FDA allows a certain amount of contaminants into our water. Yuck.

As I read the article in Men’s Journal, I kept expecting the author to tell me exactly which bottled water was best to drink. Instead, he warned of the dangers of improperly installed home-filtration systems and changing the filters too infrequently. Then he mentioned the problems with drinking out of plastic bottles. It all made me want to reach for a diet soda instead of another sip of H2O.

So what are we health-conscious, water-loving folks to do? Opt for natural spring water that isn’t overly processed and purified. And drink it out of glass instead of plastic.