Is Britney Spears Rockin’ a Wig on Lucky Magazine’s December Cover?

Lucky magazine December 2012 coverThe former teen pop sensation is back, but not without some controversy. This time fans are crying foul over what looks to be a bad wig on Lucky magazine’s December cover girl.

Oops, they did it again. But this time the question many are asking is why oh why did Lucky magazine feature Britney Spears on its December cover in a wig—and a very bad one at that?

Just a few weeks  ago, observers cried foul on the mixed messages Lucky was sending with an apparently trimmed-down (digitally) Christina Aguilera on the October cover, next to the singer and “The Voice” judge’s proclamation that she happily embraces her curves.

But, let’s be honest. A magazine making digital enhancements to its cover subjects or in its pages is not that shocking. When taken too far, it creates controversy, but it’s unrealistic to think every image of every celebrity or every product featured is reality as it happened.

Since Spears has been on a comeback tour of sorts after joining “The X Factor” judging panel, she’s appeared on the October cover of Elle magazine—sans wig.

But for some reason, Lucky presumably decided she needed longer, more flowing locks—extensions anyone?—and outfitted her in what looks to be a wig that, if anything, makes the 30-year-old appear years older and at first glance unrecognizable.

Outraged by the bad wig and over-the-top retouching, Spears’ fans took to Twitter. One fan even questioned whether the botched image was cobbled together after Spears apparently missed the photo shoot.

The backlash was such that the magazine did apologize, tweeting: “Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on our cover! As always, we will share with our team and we’re sorry to have let some of you down.”

A Huffington Post poll showed the reaction was mixed, with about half of the respondents saying Spears was too retouched and half saying she looked just fine. What’s your verdict?