Investment Guides and More From Personal Finance Magazines This Month

money_january-february2011.jpgIt probably comes as no surprise that personal finance magazines kick off the year with investment guides. Both SmartMoney magazine and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine announce their “Where to Invest in 2011″ packages as the cover story; Money magazine‘s cover heralds the magazine’s annual “Investor’s Guide.”

Inside, each magazine looks at what the editorial teams deem to be the best picks for stocks, bonds and funds in the coming year. Each magazine also offers readers advice on industries to watch, which stocks to avoid, and managing–even embracing–risk.

Again, that’s what you’d expect from these magazines in January. What you might not expect are the other stories filling out each of these issues.

SmartMoney, for example, also talks about the growing pet insurance industry. Pet insurance is a hot area for venture capitalists, but full of costs, restrictions, etc., for pet owners.

Kiplinger’s includes a “year in money” feature filled with important dates and deadlines for a variety of financial and other matters (SAT tests, paperwork, etc.). This story is wrapped in an ad for Ally bank, just as an October Money magazine story was wrapped in an ad–but at least this one came with directions (“turn page and unfold”).

The heftiest of the Investor Guides is in Money’s double January/February issue and comes in at 112 pages. Along with all that there is also a feature on multigenerational vacations and a yearlong planner for DIY projects around the house.