Introducing Celebrity MagaScene and Parenting MagaScene

people_magazine.jpgLast month we happily announced that we had launched two new blogs–Food MagaScene and Home MagaScene as part of our family of blogs. Today we are equally excited to let you know that we have added two more blogs–Celebrity MagaScene and Parenting MagaScene.

Just as we do at our current blogs, we’ll cover your favorite magazines more closely with in-depth article reviews, new magazines previews,  cover design comparisons and of course, the best (and worst) content.

At Celebrity MagaScene we’ll focus on the most popular celebrity, fashion and entertainment magazines. If you love to keep up with what’s happening with People magazine, InStyle and Rolling Stone magazine, this blog is for you.

workingmother.jpgAt Parenting MagaScene we’ll offer advice and insight on the wide world of kids’ magazines, from choosing educational titles to magazines for teenagers.

Our new blogs reflect our continuing editorial mission to be a source for you, the magazine reader, on the magazine industry, magazine content and the relevancy of magazines in our culture.
We’d like to hear from you! Let us know what you think of our new blogs.

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Michelle Ryan

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Michelle Ryan is obsessed with good food, great shoes and Alabama football way down South in Savannah, Georgia. She hasn’t met a kitchen gadget she hasn’t at least thought about buying (trying them is another story) and devotes her time to Bikram Yoga, baking and trying to overcome long-held finicky eating habits.